12 minutes: where's the pocket watch?

Finding the pocket watch is one of the first puzzles in 12 minutes, and it can be tricky to know where to look for it. The cop always asks for the watch when he enters the apartment, but every time the woman is about to say where she is, the loop starts again. It's a frustrating situation, but there is a way to get him to turn the tide. Here's where to find the pocket watch in 12 minutes.

How to find the pocket watch in 12 minutes

The pocket watch is hidden in the vent under the bathroom medicine cabinet. To reach it, take the knife from the kitchen counter. Then go to the bathroom and open the medicine cabinet. Drag the knife to the dark area at the bottom of the screen and you should see a prompt to interact with the ventilation grille.

After using the knife to open the vent, move your cursor around the dark area and you should see the pocket watch. Just click on it to retrieve it. It's one of the obtuse puzzle solutions we highlighted in our 12-Minute review, so it's understandable that you wouldn't know how to get the watch even though you already knew where it was hidden.

To deduce where the watch is hidden, you would have had to hide in the closet without letting the woman see you entering the apartment. The cop would then enter the apartment as usual, except he would question the woman alone instead of the two of you. She eventually gives in to the pressure and tells him where the watch is, then he kills her and leaves.

Even if you've done this before and heard that the watch was hidden in the vent under the medicine cabinet, it's still really hard to know exactly how you're supposed to interact with it. 12 Minutes has a few other puzzles like this, but this is the worst offender. Everything should be easier from here, so good luck in your future attempts to break the loop.

12 minutes is available now on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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