Assassin's Creed Valhalla Complete Guide (Tips & Tricks) -

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Complete Guide (Tips & Tricks) -

Guide Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Complete Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Don't miss our Assassin's Creed Valhalla guide, with all the tips, cheats and strategies you need to beat the game.

General Assassin's Creed Valhalla Guide Tips

  • Each time you enter a new region, find the nearest synchronization point on the map. Using it will not only give you a quick and easy travel point around the area, but it will also highlight particular items of interest on your map, such as items of wealth and mysteries.
  • If you are unhappy with your chosen skills at any given time, you can choose to respect them for free from the Skills menu. Simply select Reset All Skills at the bottom right of the Skills menu. This is a useful feature that will allow you to play with different settings throughout the game.
  • Whenever you see an object that looks fragile, it probably is. Of course, use your arch to highlight things like wooden barricades above windows and water features. If your reticle is red while aiming at the barricades, it means they are destructible.
  • If you see treasure under the ground, there will always be a way to access it nearby. This will often come in the form of cave entrances along coastlines, water wells in settlements, or barricaded tunnels in ancient ruins.
  • You don't have to be frugal with your money. Apart from upgrades for your mount and others

minor features of your establishment, you won't use it for long. Instead, you should buy leather and iron ore from any merchant you can find. You can then use these materials to upgrade the valuable supply of quivers and rations in your inventory.

  • When following the tips above, you'll want to make sure your quiver is always full before heading into a fight. Arrows can be incredibly useful for taking out units stealthily, but they'll also be invaluable for exploiting weak spots in elite units.
  • To loot the larger chests found in monasteries that provide raw materials, you will need at least one other crew member to help you open them. If you're in a monastery and you've already killed everyone but can't open a chest, use your horn to ask your crew for help.
  • If you find yourself in the middle of nowhere with no nearby sync points, but need to travel somewhere within the general region, you can summon your ship to almost any waterway on the map from the wheel of quick actions.
  • Most barricades that block the entrance to underground tunnels or rooms in buildings can be destroyed with a basic attack. However, some will consist of large stacked boulders. Whenever you encounter them, there will always be a firepot nearby. Take one and throw it on the rocks to destroy the barricade.
  • When approaching a mission objective, use your crow to scan the area and highlight the precise region of the objective. Once you're close to the target, use Odin's Sight to highlight its precise location, as well as any nearby objects of interest, such as wealth items.
  • Watch out for some mushrooms! Most mushrooms found in the world can be eaten to replenish your health or adrenaline bars, but some will deplete your health quickly. In general, yellow mushrooms are good for health, while red and black are bad.
  • Make sure to use the Feast Buff in your colony. This can be activated by ringing the bell at the entrance to your longhouse. Once done, a short cutscene will play, at the end of which you'll get various stat buffs lasting a few hours.


Any Feast buff you receive can be upgraded when you build a structure in your settlement that indicates it enhances the Feast buff. These perks can be especially useful before attempting boss fights like Daughters of Lerion or Lost Drengr, so be sure to treat yourself before challenging them!

un Use the quick action wheel to call your longship to any waterway.

two people Use fire pots to destroy solid barricades like a pile of rocks. You can always find one near a breakable barricade.

3 You can reset all of your skill investments at any time if you want to experiment with different settings.

4 Le Using a synchronization point will mark the riches and mysteries of the area on your map.

5 Update your rations and carcass as soon as possible to make the fight easier.

6 Use your bow to identify barricades that can be broken down with a basic attack.

how to earn money

  • Drinking games can be found in most major cities and are a great way to make money. You can bet between 100 Silver and 200 Silver per game, which allows you to double your winnings if you win.
  • Stealing content works similarly to drinking games in terms of earning money. Unique characters in the main settlements will challenge you in a flying contest, allowing you to bet between 100 and 200 silver beforehand. Check out our stealing guide to make sure you win.
  • Fishing can be a slow process in Valhalla, but that's only if you use a rod or your bow. There are places in the game world, such as swamps, shallow rivers, and springs where you can run (or roll!) through the water, slashing with melee weapons as you go. Collect enough fish and you can sell them for a decent price to any merchant, including your settlement's fishing shack.


One of the best places to hunt fish with melee weapons is Roaring Meg's Spring, located northeast of Lincoln in Lincolnscire, near the east coast of England. Here you will find a high concentration of fish in a small spring.

  • Stealing is another way to earn money, but the amount you get will vary greatly depending on what you steal. The most cost-effective method is to explore every settlement you come across, using Odin's Sight to highlight the location of any minor treasure chests. These often contain at least 100 silver coins, along with other trade goods that can be sold to merchants.

un You'll find drinking games in most major cities, marked with drinking horns on your map.

two people You'll find flight contest opportunities in most major settlements, such as Manning, seen above, which is in Stavanger.

3 The location of Roaring Meg's Spring, northeast of Lincoln.

4 Roaring Meg's Spring offers a high concentration of fish in a small area.

5 You will find minor treasure chests in many buildings in the game world, which often contain large amounts of money.


  • Combat in Valhalla can be chaotic at times, and there are many scenarios where your enemies will try to set you on fire. If this happens, you don't need to use rations or run from combat to revive yourself. Instead, do a quick roll (dodge hold) to put out the fire.
  • Be sure to experiment with different types of weapons including axes, swords, spears, and flails. Each weapon type offers different passive abilities, but is also capable of different heavy attacks. No weapon is necessarily better than another, but using whatever you find will allow you to experience the full range.
  • As with the aforementioned melee weapons, bows also come in different types: Hunter, Predator, and Light. Each has different passive abilities that relate to its maximum potential range and damage, while also allowing you to use different types of arrows. Predator arrows deal the most damage over the longest range. Light Arrows deal less damage but have a higher rate of fire, and Hunter Arrows provide a balance between the two.
  • If you encounter a poison cloud in specific locations, such as cursed areas, or if an enemy creates one as a special attack, you can disperse the cloud by throwing a torch at it. In a cursed area, this will only disperse the cloud for a brief moment, but should be permanent against most opponents.
  • Whenever you fight an elite unit with high health, create some distance between you and them. You can then use your bow to highlight weak spots, usually located on the ankles, forearms, or back of certain units. Hit them to make enemies vulnerable to stun attacks and deal massive damage.
  • When fighting an enemy, you should aim to parry or block their attacks as often as possible. This will make them vulnerable to attacks while you hold your ground. Timing is everything - execute the block or parry just as an attack is about to hit you, not when you see the enemy first cast the attack animation.
  • You will want to update your rations and inventory quiver as soon as possible. Focus on investing in rations at least three times before you start thinking about using your leather and iron ore for something else. More rations means more instant heals during combat, and a higher quiver capacity lets you kill more enemies out of range.
  • If you're in a settlement, monastery, or small camp that you want to attack but your ship and crew aren't nearby, honk your horn to summon your crew, which initiates a raid. You will need at least one crew member to help you open special treasure chests, especially in monasteries.
  • Take note of the passive abilities found in weapons and armor. Some of these can be incredibly useful for specific fights, like the Blodwulf Shield acquired at the end of An Island of Eels, which gives your weapons a chance to ignite.
  • If you'd rather not waste time taking out elite units with high health, unlock the Advanced Assassination skill (part of the Path of the Raven branch) as soon as possible. This will allow you to take down most elite units in just two hits, if you can catch them off guard.

un Take note of passive weapon abilities and experiment with them when you find new ones.

two people You'll find the Advanced Assassination skill just south of your starting point in the skill tree.

3 Use the Quick Action Dial to raid from inside a settlement instead of from the shore.

4 Multiple successful parries can make multiple enemies vulnerable to stun attacks.

5 Look for weak spots in elite units to make them vulnerable to stun attacks and deal massive damage.

6 Throw torches at poison clouds to disperse them temporarily or permanently in some cases.


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