Assassin's Creed Valhalla Update 4.00 Patch Notes

Update 4.00 has arrived for Assassin's Creed Valhalla, and here is the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch. This is Title Update 1.3.0, which adds a ton of new content and includes preparations for the upcoming Paris Siege expansion. The DLC won't release until August 12, but there's a new limited-time event to keep players busy until then. This patch also includes level scaling options, skill tree improvements, new skills, and more. Here's everything new with Assassin's Creed Valhalla update 4.00.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Update 4.00 Patch Notes

Patch sizes:

Xbox Series X|S : 23,79 Go
Xbox One : 17,72 Go
PlayStation¬ģ5 : 6,85 Go
PlayStation¬ģ4: 15,3-24,5 GB (depending on region)
PC: 20,4-31,37 GB (main game - season pass)


The headquarters of Paris ‚Äď Extension 2

Added support for The Siege of Paris, preparing the game for the expansion's release on August 12 (a separate download is required on release day.)

Sigblot Festival

  • The Sigrblot Festival is a new limited-time event from July 29 to August 19.
  • Participate in new festivities and quests to receive exclusive festival rewards (including a one-handed sword!!)
  • Players must reach England and complete one of the first two story arcs (Grantebridgescire OR Ledecestrescire) and have at least settlement level 2 to participate in the Sigrblot Festival.

Level scale

  • We've added a new menu option to the game to adjust NPC levels to your liking. You can choose from the following options:
    • disabled = Scaling is disabled; enemies spawn exactly as prescribed in the region description.
    • Defect = Lower enemies are brought to 50 power levels below the player's level (How the game is intended to be played).
    • Constant = Enemies will have at least the same power level as the player.
    • Stronger = Enemies will have more than 30 power levels above the player.
    • Nightmarish = Enemies will have more than 60 power levels above the player.
  • Notes: Boss encounters and game modes will not be affected by this as they have their own difficulty settings.

Skill Tree Update

  • The skill tree has improved visibility of new skills added throughout post-launch.
  • We've added an option that automatically acquires all skill nodes required to reach the currently highlighted node (if you have enough skill points available).

New Skills


<br>‚ÄĘ light fingers: Eivor now automatically picks up nearby loot with a flick of the wrist (without having to press the interact button). ‚ÄĘ thrill of war: Gain adrenaline as long as you stay in conflict.


<br>‚ÄĘ Heidrun Chelem: Press R2 while sprinting to knock enemies back with a powerful knee kick. ‚ÄĘ Idunn's Heart: Passively regenerate recent health loss after a short delay.


<br>‚ÄĘ The survival instinct: At less than XNUMX/XNUMX health, hold -> for partial heal (Exchange adrenaline for health). ‚ÄĘ Wolf Warrior: Your damage increases as your health decreases.



Address :

  • The body of the priest is said to be missing in Flann Over Ireland.
  • The cage cannot be opened to release prisoners in Tuam Caves.
  • Only minor runes inside chests in Ireland.
  • Non-movable shelf in Cashelore.
  • The cutscene did not start during the Siege of the Church in The Scourging of the Serpents.
  • Unable to confirm kill on The Ash.
  • Audio and subtitles missing in Wrath of the Druids.
  • King's Pass not collectable if the raid is not also completed at the same time.
  • Unable to recover the prison key in Courting the Kings.
  • Barid disappeared in Flann Over Ireland.
  • Thorstein teleported into the cave of the Snaring Thorstein.
  • Unable to progress when the Puca has been killed in Into the Fog.


Quests, World Events and Side Activities

Address :

  • Infinite loading screens during various quests.
  • Unable to complete Collector's War, Jewels of Aelfred, Saint Faith, Ragnar Lothbrok's Lost Drengir, Lamb Chops, Splitting Hares world events.
  • Faravid wouldn't ride the horse in This Son of Jorvik *This Son of Jorvik indeed*
  • Catching the fish with weapons would not count towards the quest objective in Bloody Path to Peace.
  • Unable to fight Leofrith in Heavy is the Head.
  • Sigurd did not follow Eivor in A Brother's Keeper. *More like A Brother's Leaver*
  • The objective was not appearing in Twists and Turns *this is how the turntables*
  • Issues interacting with Petra in the colony.
  • Eivor died upon arriving in Hordafylke in The Road to Valhalla.
  • The Hunter House Global Event did not trigger.
  • Missing Warlock Hunters and NPCs for The Plight of the Warlock.
  • The Banshee Global Event could not be started or completed.
  • Unable to progress in the Mistress of Ironwood Global Event.
  • Unable to interact with Seer in Of Blood and Gods.
  • Reaching Hunwald's House did not update the Homecoming quest objective.
  • The boss took no damage at the start of the extended family.
  • Hunwald was unusable during the Salve for a Fresh Wound.
  • Map marker appeared out of bounds in Fiery Ambush.
  • Unable to interact with Soma or Guthrum during Holy Day.
  • Players got out of sync at the start of the fight in King Killer.
  • Unable to confirm death in the Reaver of the South.
  • Impossible to terminate The Lost Drengir of Ragnar Lothbrok.
  • Guthrum did not move to Kingdom's End.
  • Unable to retrieve a key to a body during the pilgrimage to St. Albanes.
  • Edmund had disappeared in Puppets and Prisoners.
  • Unable to confirm death against Gotafrid Fair-Robes and Nokkfylla Shine-Eye.
  • NPC with coin not spawning or targets not spawning for arrow challenge in Shoot the Arrow.
  • Stuck between Binding Fate and Of Blood and Gods. *A binding fate, indeed*
  • Black screen during Baker's Complaint.
  • Unable to interact with Halfdan in War in the North.

Graphics, audio and animation

Address :

  • Various graphics and lighting issues.
  • Various animation and clipping issues.
  • Various issues with missing SFX.
  • Various issues related to audio menu narration.

River Raids, Jomsvikings, Raids

Address :

  • Appropriate rewards are not provided after completing a raid.
  • Rations do not heal the correct amount of health for Jomsviking.

Mastery Challenge

Address :

  • Ability to access restricted areas in Mastery Challenge.
  • Guards could be inaccessible in Mastery Challenge.
  • Player detected from stealth bush in Wenlocan Raven trial.
  • Reduced the ability to double armor sets acquired from the store after completing the Mastery Challenge onboarding quest.
  • Remaining unlocked medals after loading an old save.
  • Difficulty entering stealth mode in some bushes.

Gameplay, combat and IA

Address :

  • Firearms do not set fire to NPCs or combustibles.
  • Enemies do not take proper damage from the level 2 Incendiary Powder Trap ability.
  • NPCs no longer attack if ambushed by a snake. Snake 1, Human 0
  • The extended flail combo dealt more damage than intended.
  • Sickle combo attacks did not register correctly.
  • Various issues with the Viking Salute ability.
  • Various issues cause the extended flail combo to do more damage than intended.
  • Missing Ostara items from Title Update


Address :

  • Instances where Eivor, NPCs, or the Longship would get stuck.
  • Instances with stray or floating objects or textures.


Address :

  • Numerous UI/HUD issues.
  • Lots of localization issues.
  • Problem exiting Photo mode using the ESC button.
  • Some icons do not adapt to color blind modes.
  • Silver Booster does not apply correctly when looting low value items.


  • The benchmark is not functional when the game path contains non-ASCII symbols.

Performance and stability

  • Improved performance and stability.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna. For more information about this update, visit the official Ubisoft website.

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