Back 4 Blood: How To Find All 10 Golden Skulls | Collection Locations Guide

If you want to do everything there is to do in Return 4 Blood, you'll need to find all 10 hidden golden skulls. There are only 10 in the game, and they are cleverly hidden throughout the campaign. Finding them is quite difficult when hordes of undead monsters swarm you almost every moment you're outside of a safe house. Zombies seem nearly limitless, so if you're looking for clues to unlock all 10 secret achievements/hidden trophies related to Golden Skulls, we've got a full list of locations below.

Return 4 Blood is the spiritual trio of the beloved Left For Dead series — as developed by Turtle Rock Studios, the developers who helped make the original series a success. Return 4 Blood modernizes the four-player co-op shooter, while retaining those elements we all loved. Undead are predictably fast and Special Infected unleash abilities to disrupt your team dynamics. You will oppose an unlimited horde of undead and you will have little time to waste searching for lost artifacts. If you're a success-seeking enthusiast like us, this is where you need to look.

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Act 1 – 4 Golden Skulls

  • Golden Skull #1: The Devil's Return, The Crossing - On the bridge leading to the crashed ferry, look to the right side of the road. Drop down to the road below and check the end of the path.
    • Unlock « Port Man Toe ?« 
  • Golden Skull #2: Search and Rescue, Book Worms – Entering through the underground store, you will need to climb the stairs and through the door to reach a small office. In the office corner (left side), there is a hidden skull under the desk.
  • Golden Skull #3: The Dark Before Dawn, Special Delivery – Through the office you will reach the alley with a white trailer next to a fence blocking a storage yard covered in pallets. On the central palette, there is a golden skull on top. Jump on the white trailer to reach it.
    • Unlock « Pallet cleaner« 
  • Golden Skull #4: Blue Dog Hollow, Hell's Bells – In the tunnel, you will pass through a truck trailer and reach a clearing. Go through the canyon and reach the door on the right side. In front of the door, there is a high hill nearby with a tree. In the tall grass you will find the skull.
    • Unlock « Easy mist« 

Act 2 – 3 Golden Skulls

  • Golden Skull #5: Armor, A Call to Arms – After jumping down the path with the large wooden walls built between the buildings, head up the hill to the farmhouse. Look out the windows of the red chicken coop.
  • Golden Skull #6: Plan B, Hunterland - Battling the creek, you'll need to descend a waterfall. Turn around in the waterfall to find this golden skull hidden in the water.
    • Unlock « Dangerous to go alone« 
  • Golden Skull #7: Job 10:22, Grave Danger – When you enter the main cemetery area, through the opening path, stay in the right passage and look for an open mausoleum. Inside, it's just to the left of the entrance, in a hard-to-see corner.
    • Unlock « Cryptozoologue« 

Act 3 – 2 Golden Skulls

  • Golden Skull #8: Dr. Rodger's Neighborhood, Garden Party - At the start of the hedge maze, take the correct path. There is a small path that leads to a statue with this golden skull.
    • Unlock « Night of the Living Hedge« 
  • Golden Skull #9: Remnants, Making The Grade – After climbing to the roof from the bleachers, follow the path, holding on to the right wall. At the first right turn there is a campsite with a golden skull in the tent.
    • Unlock « Additional credit« 

Act 4 – 1 Golden Skull

  • Golden Skull #10: Abomination – In the final boss arena, go to the creepers of tentacle-shaped monsters. You can reach them by entering a cave on the right side of the canyon leading to the monster. Cross to the opposite side of the cave entrance to find this gold skull embedded in the goop. You have to go up the last vine on the left facing the boss.
    • Unlock « Watch your step« 
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