Back 4 Blood: How to Play Exactly Like Left 4 Dead | Bridge Building Guide

Back 4 Blood wears its influences on its sleeve — it's a new Left for Dead, completely. Developer Turtle Rock Studios makes no bones about it, and why should they? We're all expecting more L4D-style co-op FPS action, so it's time someone stepped up. But longtime fans might want B4B to be even MORE like L4D. Well, it's totally possible with the right construction.

If you work hard enough to unlock cards for your deck, you can transform into a coaster melee master. Movement is much heavier in B4B, and Aim-Down-Sights are important for clearing swarms of undead mobs. If you're not feeling the innovations, these are the perk cards you'll need to feel more old-school. Now L4D is nostalgic, and if you want to recapture the fun of running and shooting from those games, you'll want to check out these cards. The tricky part is just unlocking them. These are the cards to watch.

Choose these cards for an L4D-like playstyle

We've selected 10 cards that bring your character a lot closer to L4D — sprinting is off, but your movement speed is increased. Aim-Down-Sights are disabled, but your accuracy (and damage) when firing from the hip is much better. All of these cards are designed to give you a big bonus while removing some of the extra (sometimes unnecessary) features in B4B. Even your melee is better, just like L4D!

  • killer instinct: +30% Weak point damage
  • OFF: Aim down sights
  • marathon runner: No movement penalty for Strafe and Backpedal
  • DISABLED: Sprint
  • Methamphetamine head: +40% melee attack speed, +40% melee endurance efficiency. Your melee attacks no longer stick to tough enemies.
  • OFF: Aim down sights
  • Hyper-focused: +50% Weak point damage
  • -75% ADS movement speed
  • quick kill: +50% accuracy
  • OFF: Aim down sights
  • Motorcycle helmet: +15% Damage Resistance, +10% Health
  • OFF: Aim down sights
  • Mag Coupler: +50% reload speed
  • OFF: Aim down sights
  • Shooting gloves: +25% Weapon Swap Speed
  • Superior Cardio: +20% Endurance, +20% Sprint Efficiency, +5 Health

It only covers 15/10 cards, and the last cards in this list are completely optional. You can swap out the latest set of cards to match your playstyle – I absolutely recommend picking up medic-related cards if you're the team medic, or cards based on your favorite damage weapons. The rest of the build is up to you, but unlocking these cards might make your character feel a bit more familiar.

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