Battlefield 2042 level cap: what is the max rank in BF 2042? Gordon Bicker | November 13, 2022 Planning to max rank in Battlefield 2042?

Battlefield 2042 is the latest installment in the Battleground franchise and players have been eagerly diving into the experience throughout the beta. It is now gearing up for its official launch and gamers will want to know all about how to get ahead when the game officially launches. In preparation, this guide will let you know what Battlefield 2042 max rank is in the latest experience.

What is the maximum rank in Battlefield 2042?

Players will eagerly progress through the ranks in the game, so it should come as no surprise that most players will also want to know which rank they are actually heading towards. For now, the max rank in Battleground 2042 is set in stone at rank 99.

However, when players reach max rank, they will be able to continue their progression through experience in the form of 'S-tiers' which start at 'S001' and continue up to 'S999' which is clearly a lot of ranks. to go through and keep players earning that all-important satisfaction of leveling up.

How to reach the maximum level

Max rank in Battlefield 2042 can be achieved by earning XP similar to other installments in the franchise. Experience points can be earned in many ways, one of those ways is by completing game modes, however, if players choose to play the objective, they will earn even more XP. Earning kills, assists, and supporting teammates, among other things, will also net you more XP.

Another effective way to reach the maximum rank is to earn ribbons. These can be earned by completing certain challenges, objectives, and some even have up to three ribbon tiers. These will give you significant XP. Here is a list of some of the ribbons available at the moment.

  • Logistics Ribbon – Earned by healing, resupplying others, and repairing vehicles in the world.
  • Objective tape — Earned by playing the objective
  • Winger Ribbon – Earned by supporting teammates through things like raises and assists
  • Intel Ribbon – Earned by spotting and disrupting enemies with things like EMPs or destroying drones on the map
  • battle ribbon – Earned simply by killing and destroying enemy vehicles

Battlefield 2042 Level Up Rewards

When you level up in Battleground 2042 you will no doubt feel a sense of satisfaction doing so, but there are also plenty of other reasons why you should spend time leveling up in experience.

When players finally earn a lot of XP, they can choose where they want to spend their XP to unlock new characters, weapons, gadgets, vehicles, and even Specialist cosmetics throughout the experience. There is also another progression path called Mastery which unlocks new items for specific gear, such as a vehicle or a unique scope for your favorite weapon.

Will you get to Battleground 2042 max rank this month?

Battlefield 2042 is scheduled for November 19 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Steam and PC.

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