Best Vanguard Kar98k Gear: Attachments, Perks, Elliott Gatica Class Setup | November 6, 2022 One shot is all you need with this release.

In Call of Duty: Vanguard, the Kar98K is a bolt-action sniper rifle that has massive damage potential. Of course, there are some downsides that people might not want to deal with in this jerk shooter. The pistol excels in range, accuracy, and headshot potential, but has a considerably high reload time thanks to its bullet reload speed and animation, and isn't ideal to use at short distance. Here is a strong Kar 98K loadout.

The best Kar98K loadout in Call of Duty: Vanguard

If a single shot is all you need to obliterate the competition, the Kar98K is for you. You'll want to capitalize on weapon sway mitigation as much as possible while maintaining good ADS speed. Here are the recommended attachments for the weapon:

  • Optical – Player Preference
  • Muzzle – Compensator G28
  • Baril – Krausnick 560MM LWS03K
  • Sub-barrel – Heavy front handle
  • Magazine – Mag Klauser 3 Rounds 8MM
  • Rear handle – Leather handle
  • Stocker – Short stocks
  • Ammo type - FMJ
  • Compétence – Quick Scope
  • Pencil case – Deep breathing

Using this loadout will increase your weapon's maneuverability and prove deadly no matter where you shoot your enemy. You won't even need to aim for the head as it can reliably one-hit players in the upper torso. Using the magazine mod will significantly reduce the weapon's reload speed at the cost of magazine size.

This Kar98K loadout is basically the mount gun for Call of Duty: Vanguard. It won't be a surprise if this gun gets a damage reduction or some sort of balance nerf, because right now it's wreaking havoc (once you hit level 43, that is). .

Since this is a sniper weapon and you would ideally want to be perched in hard to reach areas, you should use the following perks:

  • Cold blood
  • High alert
  • Tactician

These perks will promote a more campy style of play, but for the Kar98K loadout, you want to spot your opponents before they see you. If they get too close or see you first, you can adjust accordingly.

As for your deadly location, equip a demolition charge to prevent people from getting to your area. To complement this, use an S-Mine 44 for even more defense. It will take some time to get the perks and gear to really get your weapon in top shape, but it's still deadly from the start.

If you're more of a close or mid-range player, check out our best MP-40 gear in Vanguard. You can also check out our version of the STG44.

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