Biomutant Update 1.4 Patch Notes (PC)

Update 1.4 has arrived for Biomutant and here is the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

If you played Biomutant last week, you might already know that the game launched with numerous bugs and glitches. Fortunately, a new patch is now available for the PC version of the game today. The update version number is 1.4.

The developer noted on Twitter that a similar patch will be released for the console version of the game very soon. It should only be a few days before PS4 and Xbox One owners can get a cool new patch.

As expected, today's new patch fixes many bugs and issues. You can read the full patch notes below.

Biomutant Update 1.4 Patch Notes (PC)

PC specific

● Fixed a crash with AMD-based processors with integrated graphics.
● Fixed crash when device information contains invalid display data on AMD based CPUs.

Tutorial area

In order to improve the pace of the first parts of the game, we changed the dialogues to be shorter. We've also added more enemies and loot to these areas to better represent the experience later in the game.
● Added more early enemy encounters.
● Added missing loot to empty trenches outside Jagni Fortress.
● Added item drop chance for Bunker 101 crates.
● Updated Best-Before memory to reduce the distance between the Nonos and the Pensai tree.
● Removed parts of Outdated and Best Before dialog to improve pacing.
● Removed several dialog fragments to shorten the length of the tutorial area.
● Removed parts of Goop and Gizmo dialogue to improve pacing.
● Removed several camera presentations to improve pacing.

Dialog & Narrator

● Reduced the amount of gibberish spoken before the narrator begins to translate.
● Added dialogue settings for “Gibberish” and “Narrator” allowing players to choose whether they want to hear the narrator, the gibberish or both when talking to NPCs.
● Fixed narration and gibberish playing quietly and producing an annoying pause when each corresponding volume setting is set to 0 instead of skipping the sound completely.
● Removed text delay animation when gibberish or narration is disabled.

Difficulty Settings

● Added "Extreme" difficulty setting, where enemy damage and attack rate are further increased.
● Fixed difficulty settings not applying to already spawned enemies.

New Game+

● Opened all class advantages for NG+ games. When starting an NG+ game, the player will now be able to unlock perks for all classes.


● Added Motion Blur slider to settings.
● Fixed so that the “Auto-adjust > Player” camera setting also applies in combat, if disabled the camera will no longer try to frame enemies during combat.
● Fixed depth of field toggle not being applied in dialogs

Items and loot

● Increased the chance that found items will have a required level closer to the player's actual level when found. Players will still be able to find items with higher level requirements, but the player's level is now taken into account.
● Removed common item loot from high-level loot crates.
● Reduced the amount of healing items the player will find in crates and enemies defeated.
● Increased the base damage of melee bodies, grips and addons by roughly 5%.
● Reduced the base damage of ranged bodies, muzzles and hilts by approximately 5%.
● Fixed resistance stats were not applying to gear crafted when adding addons.
● Reduced resistance of gear addons and critical chance bonuses. ● We have made sure that the quest reward “Diver's Helmet” will no longer drop as random loot.
● Removed slits from all protective suits.


● Updated melee sound effects at all levels.
● Updated the volume of montage sound effects.
● Added sound effects for the Tribal War Trebuchet.
● Updated sounds when the player lands inside the HQ after being launched from a catapult.


● Fixed an issue with abnormally high damage output due to the top consumable mod applying meta damage multiple times while equipping and unequipping.
● Fixed ability damage not being able to critically hit.
● Reduced the damage multiplier of the Dead-Eye Sharpshooter perk from 2,0 to 1,25 to ensure it is comparable to other perks.
● End of combat slow motion camera disabled for short combat scenarios.
● Adjusted valid angles for combat targets to reduce camera movement in combat.
● Disabled camera observation when hitting characters in the air.
● Fixed a few cases where Airstrike would not complete its last attack.
● Adjusted speed of some enemy grabs. It's now a bit easier to dodge them in time.
● Fixed the foot attack of small enemies that were too hard to parry. The parry window is now more consistent and enemies can get out of it.
● All Sifus and Lupa Lupin tribes in the final encounter now react more strongly when parried, allowing players to parry and then counterattack.
● Fixed issues with Jagni Staff attack tracking. The first three hits will no longer overshoot targets, and attack dodging is more reliable.
● Fixed double death particle effects sometimes appearing on defeated enemies.
● Fixed an issue with Pichu Nanchuk not stopping his animation.
● Fixed larger enemies with melee weapons animating too quickly at slow walking speeds.
● Adjusted hit reactions for Morks to make melee more viable and satisfying to use.
● Fixed an issue with dodging shot on reload not moving the character correctly.
● Fixed an issue with Airstrike sometimes being canceled.
● Adjusted the range of melee attacks to improve enemy tracking and reduce misses.
● Fixed an issue where the closer melee gap sometimes exceeded.
● Fixed back attack for crush weapons resulting in failure most of the time.
● Adjusted animations to make unarmed and gloved attacks faster.
● Fixed an issue where the player would sometimes get stuck under larger enemies after being knocked down.
● Added ability to slide under titans' legs.
● Fixed an issue where the player would sometimes get stuck inside an enemy after a jump or slide move.
● Fixed an issue where the player would sometimes get stuck inside an enemy after an airstrike.
● Adjusted the sound and rumble effect for a successful parry to improve feedback.
● Fixed an issue where Airstrike would cause enemies to be thrown very far away.
● Improved aiming for Jumbo Puff when throwing rocks.

Quests and Achievements

● Fixed game progress not reaching 100% due to unavailable quest states in a single game.
● Fixed the "Back to Roots" quest sometimes not being completed.
● Adjusted the tribe war stream to be more robust.
● Fixed correct unlocking of “Old World Gadgets” trophy after finding Old World Gadgets.

Crash fixes

● Fixed a crash when moving objects between areas using telekinesis.

User interface

● The new Wung-Fu weapon is now only unlocked when the player has crafted a new weapon instead of being unlocked when looting an individual component.
● Added correct “fast travel locked” message when attempting to fast travel while climbing a ladder or falling.
● Added Mercenary DLC indicator to main menu.
● Added a dark background to QTE prompts to improve readability on lighter backgrounds.
● Moved comic effects to ensure QTE counter prompt is visible.
● The reverse hypoxia warning percentage value should be consistent with other zones.
● Added fading of enemy and friend markers at 30m range to reduce HUD clutter.


● Removed several area objectives from Suburbia, as they are related to the Moog quest and could cause confusion.
● Replaced a few NPC tasks that were not working as intended.
● Added a missing "No-Rain" volume to the entrance of the oilfield sewers to prevent the rain effect inside.
● The Subnautica station is now completely covered by the correct post-processing volume.
● Improved the appearance of indoor puddles.
● Fixed an issue where the player could fall through the world in Myriad Fortress.
● Fixed an issue where the player could fall through the world in an Ankati outpost.
● Fixed an issue where large tanker planes could walk on it.
● Fixed Oil Field Monster's showcase camera being triggered underground.
● Fixed area objectives for Gutway 6G counting incorrect amount of great loot.


● Fast travel disabled when jumping out of water.
● Fixed an issue where Wung-Fu "Indescribable Hand" could cause NPCs to fall through water surfaces instead of drowning.
● Fixed an issue with the Rocket NPC getting stuck in the air after an explosion.
● Fixed issue with NPC rocket explosion particle effects appearing when clearing.
● Adjusted free fall time needed for mounts to trigger a hard landing.
● Fixed attribute check labels in puzzles incorrectly displaying as 'Loot Chance' instead of 'Intelligence'.
● Fixed infinite jump when using photo mode.
● Fixed fireflies not spamming the narration when captured.
● Fixed child memories being auto-completed when opening photo mode.
● Fixed some doors opening after using photo mode.
● Fixed smoke from burning villages sometimes rendering as stripes on AMD GPUs.
● Adjusted default camera up a bit so it's not positioned directly behind the player
● Fixed resistance reset after changing the appearance.

For more details on this patch, you can visit the Steam page for the game. Biomutant is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One platforms.

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