Black Desert Update 1.78 Patch Notes

1.78 update arrived for Black desert, and here is the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch. Developer Pearl Abyss said this update, following on from the previous minor patch 1.77, brings the Character Tag system, Marni's Suspicion Device, and new Awakening Skills for all classes. Here's everything new in Black Desert update 1.78.

Black Desert Update 1.78 Patch Notes

Character markup

Character tagging has been added to the game.

Character markup allows you to link two characters and allows you to easily switch between characters whenever you want. Once the characters are tagged, two of your characters will be linked together, meaning they will share the same location with each other.

  • You must have at least one character level 56 or higher to begin character tagging.
  • Both characters must be in the same city before you begin tagging. (However, characters cannot be tagged in Kusha, Abun, and Muiqunn.)
  • Enter the Character Tag menu by going to Main Menu > Character
  • You can freely switch between your tagged characters by adding a character tag to your ringtone menu.

You cannot switch between characters in the following locations

  • Node/Conquest War
  • red battlefield
  • battle arena
  • Arena of Arsha
  • blood altar
  • Pit of the Immortal
  • great ocean
  • big desert

Note: Marked characters can still enjoy these contents, but the character swap feature will be disabled.

When a change occurs between tagged characters, you will need to wait another 4 minutes before changing again. However, you can still freely switch between characters through the Character Select menu without the cooldown. – Emergency Escape shares a similar feature: if one of the tagged characters uses the Emergency Escape skill, both tagged characters must wait 5 minutes before they can use it again.

If you gather or kill monsters in the field, trade items can still drop and be stored in tagged characters' inventory, but they simply won't be able to sell or buy them while tagged. Additionally, trade items cannot be moved or stored in the mount's inventory or town storage.

Marni's suspicious device

An interesting story is spreading on the Mediah black market. Rumor has it that a great adventurer discovered Marni's suspicious device from the Sea of ​​Arsha. Word on the streets is that the device was powerful enough to ultimately turn the adventurer into an outlaw. It is said to produce powerful effects when used with Marni's Unstable Fuel. Then this great adventurer said to share the power with the people and they say he laid clues all over the world so that those who are worthy can unleash his power.

Marni's Suspicious Device allows you to share a set of gears between your marked characters.

How to Use Marni's Suspicious Device

To unlock Marni's Suspicious Device, you will need to complete the questline, "[Marni's Suspicious Device] A Splendid Deal" which can be accepted by the Black Spirit with a character level 56 or higher.

  • The “Element Copy” feature will be available once a character pair has been tagged. This will allow you to see how much "Marni's Unstable Fuel" is needed to copy the gear to the selected character.
  • "Marni's Unstable Fuel" can be purchased from Old Moon handlers located in every major city. Once you have all the gear, you can copy your gear from your main character to the marked character.
  • Log in to the tagged character and you can equip the copied gear.

Item Copy Details

  • Each equipped piece of equipment (four pieces of armor, three weapons, six accessories, one tool, and one alchemy stone) of the main character can be copied to the marked character's inventory.
  • Item copying requires the purchase of “Marni’s Unstable Fuel” from an Old Moon Manager, available for 10 silver per fuel.
  • The copied items will be linked to both characters: the main character and the marked character.
  • If the characters are not tagged, all copied items will be deleted. You can still tag another character and copy items again, but you'll have to buy the cost of "Marni's Unstable Fuel" again.
  • The amount of "Marni's Unstable Fuel" needed for the article copy is based on the following formula:

* (3% of the central market price for the 3 weapons) + (Number of Caphras stones used on the 3 weapons x 43000)

  • The minimum item copy cost is 20 Marni's Unstable Fuels (equivalent to 200 silver).
  • Scrapped gear that can no longer be registered in the market will base its price on the market price of the gear before it was scrapped.
  • Item copying requires the equipment's current durability to be full to its maximum durability capacity and 14 slots to be empty in the character's inventory.
  • The upgrade level, crystals, Caphras Stone EXP, and item mark will all transfer to the copied gear set in the process.
  • Crystals transfused into the main gear cannot be mined and reused from the copied gear. However, they can be removed from the copied gear, and new crystals can be fused into empty slots.
  • You cannot buff, enhance, apply Caphras Stones or Devour copied items.
  • Copied items cannot be used to supplement adventure journals or as materials for other activities.
  • Any additional changes in the Enhancement Level and Caphras Enhancement Level of the main character's gear will be immediately transferred to the marked character's gear. However, changing crystals, mark of items and durability of the main character's equipment will not be transferred to the equipment after copying.
  • If gears are destroyed on the main character, the marked character's equipment will also be deleted. (That is, the improvement of accessories failed, throwing particular equipment).
  • Extracting Garmoth's Heart from a Fiery sub-weapon will also remove the marked character's sub-weapon. Infusing a Heart of Garmoth on the main character's secondary weapon will not buff the marked character's gear.
  • The same goes for using Reformed Gears and Reform Stones.
  • If a character marked with negative Karma (including desert outlaw status) is killed, all copied gear will be destroyed regardless of location, and the protections offered by Pearl Outfits will not be applied.
  • All equipment copied to the main character and the marked character cannot be placed in storage or registered in the central market. We recommend that Adventurers who often swap lifeskill tools this way unequip your lifeskill tools from the tool slot before an item copy.

Developer's comment

Finally, we added the Item Copy (Character Tag) function allowing two characters to share the same equipment. You can now tag your main character with any character you want to try out and open up a whole new set of gameplay options. Black Desert has a roster of over 20 classes, each with their own style and flavor. Still, given how many players focus on preparing a single character in MMORPGs, we thought long and hard about how to encourage adventurers to try out more classes. One of our answers to that question was Arms Vouchers and now we have 'Marni's Suspicious Device' to help ease the pressure. We hope this new update can bring a better experience when adventurers venture out to try other classes.

The following gear cannot be copied:

  • Gears that are not at maximum and maximum durability.
  • Class-specific outfits such as the Calpheon Noble Robe
  • Naru Equipment
  • Main Quest Reward Equipment
  • Limited-Time Gear and Season-Only Gear (when seasons are finally implemented)
  • Equipment rented with contribution points
  • Gear Incompatible with Weapon Vouchers
  • Shai Talent Equipment
  • Life skill items equipped for weapon slots (fishing rod, floats, etc.)
  • Spirit stone

For more information on character tagging and Marni's suspect device, please see the GM memo available HERE.

Item Changes

Mandolf, Trent's armor salesman, started selling 2 particular accessories that had been long forgotten in history. These accessories are called the “Kaia Necklace” and the “Chimera Pupil Jewel”.

  • Kaia Necklace – 1,000,000 Silver
  • Chimera Pupil Gem – 100 Silver

Item descriptions for Kzarka's Sealed Weapon Box, Offin Tett's Light Sealed Weapon Box, and Liverto's Weapon Bundle have been changed slightly.

Character Changes

  • Fixed an issue with special actions on Pearl's outfits and costumes.
  • Fixed an issue with swappable gears in the battle arena during a status effect move.


  • Chain: Heaven's Cleave – Added a new awakening skill that can be learned at Lv. 59 and over.

The new "Chain: Heaven's Cleave" was designed as a combo alternative to the Take Down skill after Solar Flare. It applies a floating status effect on your target that opens up new ways to continue the combo.


  • Flow: Soul Reaper – Added a new awakening skill that can be learned at Lv. 59 and over.

We've decided that the Witch's new Awakening Skill will serve as a combo to use immediately after a Power Skill, allowing her to get extra hits in the process. “Flow: Soul Reaper” was designed to combo straight after Grim Reaper's judgment, keeping the damage tempo longer in Awakening.


  • Wind Blade – Added a new awakening skill that can be learned at Lv. 59 and over.

Powerful Ranger skills such as Nature's Aspen have long cooldowns and lack combo links (such as Flow skills), making it difficult to chase down combos in Awakening. So we added “Wind Blade” which can be used quickly as an intermediate combo after Wind Step or Nature's Aspen, which should increase your damage and allow you to continue the combo in Awakening.


  • Flow: Seismic Blast – Added a new awakening skill that can be learned at Lv. 59 and over.

This skills update aimed to improve Berserker's main weakness in Awakening: the lack of burst skills with concise moves. "Flow: Seismic Blast" was designed to be used between different Awakening skills so that Berserker, much like Sorceress, could continue their barrage of attacks.


  • Celestial Slam – Added a new awakening skill that can be learned at Lv. 59 and over.

Just like the characters above, “Celestial Slam” has been added to Tamer so she can continue her attack combos and deal a sufficient amount of damage as an Awakening. This new skill can also be used after Moonlight Strike to inflict a Stiffness status effect, giving it an additional way to start a combo other than Soaring Kick.


  • Eradicate - Added a new awakening skill that can be learned at Lv. 59 and over.

For Musa Awakening, we focused on adding choices that can come after Crust Crusher: the new “Eradicate” skill. Musa can either go for "Flow: Foul Play" for more damage or use Eradicate to respond to enemy attacks. Eradicate can also be activated by using Fiery Angel, which can be very useful in repelling enemy attacks by countering with status effects or gaining a defensive effect.

  • Counter-Assassination: Fixed the issue where the damage applied was higher than the damage in the description. (Damage in PvP was the same).


  • Flow: Frostflower – Added a new awakening skill that can be learned at Lv. 59 and over.

Moonrise is the most commonly used skill after Sticky Snowflake for Maehwa Awakening. The new "Flow: Frostflower" was designed to be another quick transition skill like Moonrise. Awakening Maehwa used to focus heavily on using New Year's Eve while defeating monsters, but now she'll have a wider range of skills to keep her flood of attacks going.


  • Divina Inpulsa – Added a new awakening skill that can be learned at Lv. 59 and over.

The most important skill for Valkyrie to deal continuous damage was 'Castigatio' and 'Sacrum Ferit'. The new skill “Divina Inpulsa” was designed to bridge the gap between strong attacks and fast attacks. This skill can also be activated faster when used after Thrust-type skills.


  • Moon Storm – Added a new awakening skill that can be learned at Lv. 59 and over.

"Moon Storm" has been added to deal powerful area damage, as has the skill "Lethal Spin Spree". It was designed to amp up its main skills to deal more damage if you mix it with other combos.


  • Flashing Light – Added a new awakening skill that can be learned at Lv. 59 and over.

“Flashing Light” was designed so that Ninja could deal extra damage to opponents to finish them off. The “Snake Ascent” skill is powerful, but if you missed the target, other skills could not compensate for its damage. Flashing Light was created to supplement this weakness by dealing greater damage in a large area.


  • Lightning Blast – Added a new awakening skill that can be learned at Lv. 59 and over.

'Lighting Blast' was designed to boost Witch's ranged skills like 'Detonative Flow'. Previously in Awakening, Witch was forced to switch to her main weapon skills to keep her enemies under control with ranged attacks. “Lightning Blast” gives the Witch a ranged option other than Detonative Flow so she can continue dealing damage from afar in Awakening.


  • Magma Bomb – Added a new Awakening skill that can be learned at Lv. 59 and over.

The Wizard's "Hellfire" skill performs a front charge with a forward guard effect, but you had to crash into enemies for it to work. 'Magma Bomb' allows wizards to deal damage even if it doesn't crash into targets with 'Hellfire'. Using the Magma Bomb, Sorcerers can activate quick combos to deal increased damage to enemies within melee range.

Black Knight

  • Dark Nebula – Added a new awakening skill that can be learned at Lv. 59 and over.

“Dark Nebula” has a forward guard effect with a longer duration, so Awakening Dark Knight is now able to sustain and better utilize his defensive skill effects. This skill can move her forward and backward, but her real strength is that she can transition from "Spirit's Legacy" faster, allowing her to dodge and continue her ranged attacks from afar.


  • Autumn Blaze – Added a new awakening skill that can be learned at Lv. 59 and over.

Attacker damage decreased significantly when "Skull Crusher" and "Flow: Skull Hammer" were unavailable, so he had to use primary weapon skills to make up for the gap. He can now be less dependent on these two skills with the addition of the “Autumn Blaze” skill.


  • Gushing Waters – Added a new awakening skill that can be learned at Lv. 59 and over.

Mystic's overall damage dropped when she couldn't use "Wave Orb", which was further evident by the fact that she deals regular damage using combos rather than a Power Attack. We've added "Gushing Waters" so that Mystic can have more consistent damage output while picking up Martial Spirit Shards, even when "Wave Orb" is unavailable.


  • Binding Chains – Added a new awakening skill that can be learned at Lv. 59 and over.

Previously, Lahn used “Primrose Sprint” or “Phantom Dance” for a backward breakout. Newly added "Link Chains" allow him to move behind the opponent while dealing damage. Continuing to use the skill until the 2nd hit can also deal major damage to him, making up for his lack of damage when his main skills are unavailable.


  • Mountain Breeze – Added a new awakening skill that can be learned at Lv. 59 and over.

For Archer, we added an Archer skill an Invincible effect. Much like "Tactical Strike", "Mountain Breeze" allows Archer to fight in an invincible state against powerful attacks while moving quickly. Invincibility is applied immediately upon use and he will be able to put some distance between himself and the opponent while avoiding attacks.


  • We will win! – Added a new awakening skill that can be learned at Lv. 59 and over.

Shai's talent skills apply buffs to all friendly allies within range. However, keeping them upgraded was a challenge for her, especially when allies moved quickly across the battlefield. With the addition of the “We Gonna Win!” skill, she can change her music to suit the situation so she can buff allies from afar or debuff enemies from a safe distance.


  • Flow: To Ashes – Added a new awakening skill that can be learned at Lv. 59 and over.

For Guardian, we tried to keep his “Heavy Power Attacks” skill design and added the new “Flow: To Ashes” skill which will allow him to give more momentum to his attacks. This skill can also be used after "Cleansing Flame" to continue her combo and she can also activate "Flow: To Ashes" immediately after using "Frost Slide" to attack right after changing stances.


  • Silent Breach – Added a new awakening skill that can be learned at Lv. 59 and over.

We've added "Silent Breach" to allow Awakening Hashashin to immediately charge into enemies and continue a combo if desired. Just like with the “Sand Slicer” skill, he can use “Silent Breach” at any time after certain skills to send his enemies into a floating state and continue his combo.


  • Brutal Ring – Added a new awakening skill that can be learned at Lv. 59 and over.

Nova can use the “Brutal Ring” skill to attack immediately after luring enemies with the “Star's Ring” skill. Also, this skill can be used continuously after using "Frozen Ring" or "Sharp Ring" to deal additional damage if both skills weren't enough kills.


  • Added two skill upgrades (Lv.56).
  • Added two skill upgrades (Lv.57).

Skill upgrade for Lv. 56 and 57 were released and were designed for adventurers to choose between PvE or PvP skills.

Lv. 56 Skill Enhancement

“Reconstructed Fist” is a PvE skill that is slow to cast but can deal big damage in a wider area. On the other hand, “Ator's Palm” is a PvP skill that can instantly “stun” opponents. In Global Labs, a defense effect was added in skills but we decided to remove it at the end based on internal testing and feedback from adventurers.

Lv. 57 Capacity Building

“Energized Thorn” is a ranged PvE skill, ideal for slashing large areas and causing carnage to Sage's enemies. On the PvP side, we have “Piercing Thorn,” and just like its name, the skill passes through enemies and inflicts a “Knockdown” status effect.

We also focused on improving Sage so that other skills could be activated that were previously disabled when using Flow skills. You will also be happy to know that we are currently preparing Sage's Awakening and that we will reveal more information about it soon.

  • Form Shift – Form Shift will now activate first when pressing ↑ + RT/R2 while sprinting.
  • Rift Chain – Fixed an issue where if Sage was affected by a status effect while moving after an attack with the Rift Chain, the skill used before the Rift Chain would be activated when you attempted to use it again the Rift Chain after the status effect wears off.
  • Realm of Anguish – Realm of Anguish will now activate by pressing ↓ + RT/R2 after using Ator's energy.
  • Missed hits no longer occur when rapidly rotating the camera while using Flow: Finishing Touch and Flow: Illusion Detonation.
  • Ator's Thorn – Fixed an issue where the Critical Hit Rate buff was being applied when using Ator's Thorn while climbing.
  • Ator's Energy and Space Fissure will now activate first when pressing ↓ + RB/R1, LT/L2 + RB/R1 after using Space Shrink.
  • Using Rift Chain after the Illusion expansion, then pressing ↑ + A/X, ↓ + A/X will activate Ator's First and Spatial Collapse first.
  • Fixed issue with Atomagia not activated when using Rift Chain after Ator's Energy.
  • Kyve Mastery – Fixed an issue where MP was being recovered even when the skill is missing.
  • Prime: Ator's Mark – Fixed an issue where the Overdrive buff was not applying when using this skill with another skill.
  • Fixed an issue where the Kyve was incorrectly positioned when attempting to transfer Black Spirit's Rage.
  • Fixed an issue where some of the sound effects were omitted when Sage attacked with his bare hands.


Treasure hunters continue to stash their chests in the black desert world.

  • Over time, treasure hunters have stored even more valuable items in their treasure chests.
  • Rumor has it that the most valuable relics have been stored in new secure chests, and these chests require a special key to unlock.
  • But adventurers aren't the only ones looking for these chests. Goblins and Tomb Raiders have been seen lurking around them.
  • When you open an existing treasure chest, there's a chance a goblin or grave robber has reached it first, and you never know which one you'll find inside.
  • When they appear, you will have to chase after the goblin or the tomb robber looking for opportunities and make them drop their special keys.
  • The Goblin Key will unlock more valuable and rarer items than a Grave Robber Key.
  • Only special keys can unlock the new treasure chests scattered across Balenos, Serendia, and Calpheon. Some of these chests may contain special historical artifacts forged years ago.

Balenos – Treasure of the Fallen Royal Family

Serendia – TimewornGolden Pendentif

Calpheon – Challaceof Faded Bloodstain

Once you've used the special keys to unlock these new chests and obtained the valuable treasures inside, you can head to certain NPCs in towns to accept and complete a quest. The objectives for completing these quests are as follows.

The rewards for all are GoldBar 100G x2 and Contribution EXP 300:

Igor Bartali in Velia – Deliver the Treasure of the Fallen Royal Family

Charlotte Penwood in Heidel – Worn Time Discount Gold Pendant

Theophil Batian in Calpheon – Hand over the Faded Bloodstain Chalice

After completing the quest and receiving the rewards, you can exchange additional treasures for 10G Gold Bar x2

When you first enter Black Desert, when you choose your last name has changed. Previously, you selected your last name when you first press Start. Now you will be able to choose your last name after entering the game.

  • New Adventurers will have their last name displayed as “Rookie Adventurer” when they first enter the game.
  • The family name will initially be randomly generated with the word Adventurer combined with four random lowercase letters and numbers. For example, “Adventurer8aw2”
  • You will now be prompted to select an in-game last name on the first attempt to type in chat (press the Menu/Select button).
  • ※ You cannot join a guild if you do not change your randomly generated last name.


When using the Camp option, the starting pick position has been moved to the “Repair” function.

The starting pick position of the central market has been moved to the “Desired price;.

New options have been added to the ringtone menu option.

  • News Feed
  • Crafting Notes
  • Ranking
  • control guide
  • Beauty
  • Black Spirit's Rage
  • Active effects
  • Challenge
  • Black Spirit's Strongbox
  • attendance reward
  • Central Market
  • Adventure Log Shelf
  • Drop d’article
  • Notification du boss
  • Commercial information
  • Alchemy
  • Totem
  • find a party
  • Discussion group
  • Parameters
  • Modify the user interface
  • Character tag settings
  • character tag

Now you can see the tooltip of the items in the “Edit Ringtone Menu” window.

Restored chat window on/off function.

  • Fixed an issue where the chat window would cut off the screen when moving the cursor down the screen while the window size was minimized.
  • Party/Platton widget is now fixed regardless of UI mount position.

Other changes

  • Fixed an issue with the Indomitable Flag getting stuck.
  • Some anomalous textures have been changed in the Sausan Garrison in Mediah.
  • Fixed character movement in some areas of the Scarlett Sand Chamber.
  • Fixed an issue with the wizard outfit “Corvicanus”.
  • Fixed an issue with the back of Nova's Adamant Suit shield.
  • Some sentences have been edited to correct typos and to make them easier to understand.
  • Fixed an issue where some background graphics were not displayed correctly.
  • The wording of the combat/skill EXP exchange coupon.
  • Fixed issues with the Trading EXP Transfer Coupon so that it works properly.
  • Fixed the issue where the number of products did not increase based on the character's life skill level (Beginner, Apprentice, Skilled, Professional, Craftsman, Master, Guru) when using Processing > Cut with Elder Tree Plank to make Elder Tree plywood.
  • Fixed the issue where the number of products did not increase based on the character's life skill level when using Processing > Cut with Palm Plank to craft Palm Plywood.
  • Fixed the issue where the number of products did not increase based on the character's life skill level when using Processing > Heating with Tree/Palm Plywood to craft Sturdy Tree/Palm Plywood

This is a big update as you can see in the patch notes, bringing many changes in Black Desert update 1.78. Remember that you cannot play online until you have downloaded the latest update.

Black desert is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. For more information about this update, visit the official website.

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