Black Ops Cold War – How to Unlock the MAC-10 SMG

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The Season 1 Update For Cold War Black Ops is officially here and it's celebrating by bringing two new weapons into its Battle Pass. If you spent any time with Modern Warfare or Warzone the previous season, you'll be immediately familiar with the unlock requirements for the new weapons. Treyarch may have restarted the season count, but they're not shaking up the battle pass systems that predated the Black Ops Cold War.

The first accessible firearm is the MAC-10 submachine gun. This compact SMG has the highest rate of fire in its class at the expense of increased vertical recoil. Compared to the Milano (AKA Uzi), the MAC-10 has a base damage of 27 while the Milano sits at 42. Of course, this difference doesn't tell the whole story. The base rate of fire of the MAC-10 is 1111 rpm. That sits well above the Milano's 576 rpm.

The new SMG could position itself to become the equivalent of Modern Warfare's still MP7 meta. Here's how you can add it to your arsenal and find out.

How to unlock the MAC-10

le MAC-10 is the first new weapon found in the Season 1 Battle Pass. It is related to 15 level. The gun is available for free and paid Battle Pass tracks. COD Points are not required to put the SMG in your loadout. However, the Battle Pass can be purchased for 1000 COD Points. Opting for the 2400 COD Point Battle Pass will result in 20 tier skips, immediately unlocking the MAC-10 without the need to grind.

The MAC-10 is joined in Season 1 by another new weapon. Check out our guide on how to unlock the Groza Assault Rifle if you prefer a little more distance between you and your enemy.

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