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The wondrous weapon in Forsaken is called the Wild Crysalaxes – a powerful crystal ax that is both a deadly melee weapon and a ranged weapon. Defeating the zombies will earn you more ammo for the axe, and it's absolutely necessary for the full easter egg quest. It's also just a fun weapon that will make high level racing a lot easier. If you want to get your own Crysalaxe Savager for free, there are several ways to do so. Learn how to get yours with the tips below.

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How To Unlock Free Magic Weapon | Wild Chrysalaxes Guide

At present, there are three methods to unlock the Wild Chrysalaxes – unlock in the Mystery Box, complete trials or complete the The iron dragon mini-game for an easy Gold Loot Chest reward.

  • Players report that the Wonder Weapon (Chrysalaxe Savager) is extremely common Legendary reward to finish trials.
  • The Test Machine is located in the Watchtower. It costs 500 essences to start a random trial - usually trials involve killing zombies in a specific way. I recommend getting one Arme Pack-a-Punch, then complete all trials that involve quickly killing many zombies by any method.

If you get a good try, you can easily get Legendary reward with a Pack-a-Punch'd weapon in the pre-10 rounds. Return to the watchtower and collect your reward - it's guaranteed to drop after 5 legendary rewards trials, but usually it will appear after 1-2 legendary completions.

You can also opt for the Mystery Box, but it's much more expensive and rare. The other option that is always worth choosing is the The iron dragon Easter egg mini game. If you get a Jeton d'arcade (you can also melee the coin machine for a chance to win a free chip) use it on the pinball in the Arcade. Bring a Pack-a-Punch'd weapon and beat the zombies in the purple circle until the rocket is fully charged. You will always get a gold chest with a chance to get the wondrous weapon.

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