Blasphemous is getting a new Game+ and more on August 4

With the free The Stir of Dawn content update

Blasphemous is expanding with a major free update for PC and consoles on August 4, 2022.

The Stir of Dawn is our long-awaited New Game+ update, but it's far from the only reason to return to Blasphemous. The Game Kitchen also adds “new scenarios, NPCs, bosses, enemies, and areas to discover,” fast travel points to make finding secrets less of a chore, more items, “artistic overhauls level”, revised voice acting and Spanish language support and numerous balance changes.

The choose your penance system also caught my attention. It's a way to possibly shake up your typical blasphemous routine with tough compromises. For example, a Penance - Steadfast Faith - halves your Mea Culpa Sword damage, but grants you infinite regenerating Fervor.

Just yesterday, I was going through my Switch library to find older games that had disappeared from the home screen, and Blasphemous stood out. I was so close to starting a new run - partly because I want to see all the horrible bosses again, partly because it's been so long since I can't remember how to play well.

Two weeks is not a long wait. I will make full use of New Game+ and those super fast travel spots.

Blasphemy: Stir of Dawn – Free DLC launching August 4! [Team17]

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