Boneworks - How To Unlock Arena Mode Early

Boneworks - How To Unlock Arena Mode Early

In Boneworks, Arena mode is supposed to be unlocked by completing the main story mode. However, there is a way to quickly access the mode, and it is very similar to the Sandbox mode unlock method. All you have to do is take a short trip through the game's first level and you'll be able to play Arena mode.

How to Unlock Arena Mode in Boneworks

To unlock Arena mode, you will need to follow a very similar procedure to unlocking Sandbox mode. You unlock Sandbox mode by finding a hidden module in the first level, and you use that same module to unlock Arena mode. We'll recap the steps to get the mod here for you, but if you're having trouble finding it, you can check out our Sandbox mode guide for more detailed instructions, then come back if you want.

  1. Start the first level
  2. Throw everything in the blue “Archive” bin.
  3. Go through the level until you pass the weight tutorial
  4. Check the left wall for the secret “Hall of Records” entrance.
  5. Break the box and take the module
  6. Throw the module in the recovery bin in the inventory tutorial area
  7. Complete the level

After completing the level, things start to differ slightly between Sandbox mode and Arena mode. Despite the module saying Sandbox on its screen, it turns out it's actually universal. To unlock Arena mode, smash the Boneworks box in the main menu room and pick up the module. Now look to your right. Instead of inserting the module in the space that reads "Sandbox_MTD", place it in the space that says "Fantasy Land". This should unlock Arena mode and you can access it from the main menu. Once you unlock both modes, they will remain unlocked. You don't have to change modules every time you want to change modes.

– This article was last updated on: December 13, 2022

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