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Bravely default 2 is a long journey, especially if you decide to complete it 100% with its true ending included. As with its predecessors, there are multiple ways to complete the story, each of which adds a bit more to the game's plot each time. You can, of course, complete the game once and call it a day, but if you really want to see the canonical ending to Seth and his friends' adventure, you have to put a little more effort into it. Below we have everything you need to know to know how to do it, but know that there are major spoilers in the following text, so a big spoiler warning is needed here.

How to Unlock True Ending Game

For starters, if you have reached this part, it means that you have already beaten the final boss of the game, at least once. Edna, Adelle's sister, tries to purify the world of itself, by simply removing everything.

For that, she needs the power of The Night's Nexus, a being powerful enough to help her achieve her ultimate goal. As you'd expect though, you stand in the way of her desires, ultimately defeating her. However, the Nexus is so strong that the only way to stop it, even if Edna's physical body is defeated, a sacrifice is required with someone giving their own life, in order to use the power of the elemental crystals . Gloria, is that person, who was already aware that she would eventually have to do this to save everyone.

After a few cutscenes, Gloria finally disappeared, her life given for the good of all. As everyone mourns her, the game ends, supposedly completing the story of Bravely Default 2. This is where things start to get interesting. You can of course save your game, but if you load the same save file, a new cutscene appears with clues on what to do to avoid Gloria sacrificing herself. You end up being in the same room right before the last boss, but this time you can choose to go back instead of forward, so you'll trigger the start of the next chapter, Chapter 6.

With Gloria now intact, you begin a quest to travel to Mag Mell, the fairies' own village. You've been doing this since Adelle herself mentioned that they might have additional knowledge on how to defeat the Nexus, without sacrificing anyone. Long story short, just follow the in-game and Adelle's directions to research it, by visiting Wiswald Woods.

After that, you finally unlock Bravely Default 2's newest town, Mag Mell, mentioned earlier. Not only does it have the best weapons you can buy in the game, but it's also home to new side quests and another dungeon to explore, a very nice one that is. Esmeralda, the current Fairy Queen, instructs you on your next step and guides you through this final dungeon. Once you reach the very end, Esmeralda is there waiting to aid you in your final battle against The Night's Nexus actual core, not the Edna ship.

After your eventual triumph against the Nexus, a new cutscene plays out, and it's now beyond doubt that this sinister being is simply too strong for you to defeat. Therefore, Esmeralda and the whole fairy community decide to lock this place in time in order to trap Nexus inside. This way, even if he won't be defeated, he will at least remain locked down, unable to do any harm in any way. As everyone agrees and they run for life, Adelle decides to stay in the village with the rest of her family. With Elvis reluctant to leave her behind, things end up with Gloria alive this time, but Adelle is gone forever, trapped inside her house with the rest of the fairies and the Nexus of Night. Another sad end for our company, although still an end.

Finally, we got to the last part where things get really interesting. There is another ending you can unlock which is the true and complete one. As before, reload your save file. Again, some new events take place, and now you get a glimpse of Sir Sloan's Asterisk, the Bravebearer Asterisk, which burst in two after its fight with The Night's Nexus fifty years ago. You must visit his tomb in the Vale of Sighs, where the fateful battle with Adam took place. Then a cutscene will begin with Sir Sloan's ghost explaining everything, and you'll even get flashbacks that give even more insight into the whole plot. Eventually, you end up having a battle with the younger Sir Sloan, to prove your worth and claim the other half of the asterisk, as you already owned part of it. It was inside Sloan's sword the whole time. With the Bravebearer Asterisk complete, you must now complete one final condition. You must own all other jobs in the game, including the two optional ones. We have a full guide for all of them, so if you need help with Gambler Asterisk, take a look here in this article. If you need some advice with the Salve-Maker Asterisk, here's everything you need to know, too.

As you fill out the whole list of jobs, here comes the trickiest part of all. It took me a while to figure it out, because I didn't expect it at all. Simply put, open your backup menu. Exactly where you have been saving the game manually all this time. If you look down, you will be able to see an ominous purple icon. Just click on it and the next story events will continue. You'll eventually get a clue that you need to visit the boat lady you first met when you started your adventure. Therefore, head to Halcyonia and talk to her. To avoid any further spoilers, I would advise you to continue everything here on your own, because it's simple, and you'll find yourself facing the final boss of the game, the true and final form of The Night's Nexus.

Beating the Nexus finally reveals the true end of the game, ending this grand adventure. There are of course plenty of things you can still do, such as chasing down new game trials or completing all of the side quests, if you haven't already. The B'n'D minigame is another separate section, so as you see there's still a lot more content you can cover other than getting the canon ending of Bravely Default 2. As for concerns Seth and his story, however, it's all finally over.

Bravely default 2 is exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch.

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