Brawl Stars Balance Changes – February 2022

Brawl stars shared with us their latest and upcoming balance changes, for the beginning of February. As expected, we see a number of Brawlers nerfs that have been dominating the scene lately, namely Bea, Edgar, and Byron. Bea with his excellent long-range control, Byron with consistent pressure, and Edgar being a melee beast, they all needed some sort of end to their reigns. So, we finally get a glimpse of some massive changes to their kit. Jessie also has a minor change to her basic attack, Bo gets a slight rework to her gadget, and Colette and Lou are now featured in pin packs.

Balance Changes


- Super Totem's effect weakens as it charges the player's super
– The first super charge is charged at full speed. These then charge 1% less per second until the Totem reaches a 50% reduced charge rate.
– This effect is individually tracked per player


– Decreased main attack super charge rate from 10 to 12 hits


– Decreased main attack damage from 1120 to 1060

Be a

– Number of Shake Hive bees increased from 3 to 4
– Shake hive bees now stop on first target hit
– Jerk Hive Bee max damage reduced from 800 to 600
– Rattled Hive Bee pattern changed slightly to move slower and cover less area


– Decreased health from 2500 to 2400
– Decreased main attack damage from 400 to 380

Bug fixes

– Fixed an issue with player-created map reports that resulted in some maps being unintentionally banned
– Fixed Brawl Ball behavior issues related to Sprout's Super
– Fixed Showdown boxes being pushed back by Sprout's Super
– Fixed incorrect unlocking of Ruffs pins from pin packs
– Added Colette and Lou Pins to pin packs

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