Brawlhalla Update 10.25 Patch Notes

10.25 update arrived for Brawlhalla, and here is the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

The new Ranked Season 20 has just gone live in Brawlhalla, bringing a lot of new things to the game, including a brand new rotating queue that has a different game mode for each Ranked Season. Starting with this one, 2v2 Kung Foot is the highlight of this season.

The European Doubles and Singles are also coming up, in the Spring 2022 Championship, so be sure to stay up to date with Brawlhalla on all their social media so you don't miss it.

Brawlhalla Update 10.25 Patch Notes (Season 20)

Season ranked 20

Season 20 – Rewards Reset and Soft Elo!

If you're new to Seasons, here's some information you should know. You're going to get a soft reset from Elo and also receive Glory, the currency you receive for playing Ranked. You can use it in the Ranked section of Malhalla to get special colors, weapon skins, emotes, nameplates, and the new companions. We hope you enjoy your rewards and enjoy the new season!

Soft Elo Reset Formula

Soft Elo Reset is based on your current Elo at the end of the season.

Personal ranking 1v1 and 2v2

  • Less than 1400: New Elo = Old Elo
  • Plus de 1400: Nouvel Elo = 1400 + (Ancien Elo - 1400) / (3 - (3000 - Ancien Elo) / 800)

2v2 Team and Legend Rating

  • 2v2 Team and Legend Ratings have been moved closer to 750.
  • Less than 2000: Elo = (Elo + 375) /1,5
  • During 2000, we aggressively brought you back down to reset higher levels. Diamond level players will be reset to high gold or low platinum.

Calculation of glory gains

Glory earned is based on a combination of your highest max rating (highest 1v1, 2v2, team or legend/Elo rating) and total wins. This was designed to reward both the skill and dedication of those pursuing Glory.

You earn 20 glory points per win up to 150 wins, which nets you 3000 glory points. After 150 wins, each subsequent win earns you slightly less.

Note: There is a minimum of 10 games played to be eligible for Glory based on your rank. For help estimating your Glory Gained or New Elo after the reset, go to:

Season 19 Ranked Frontiers

If you are ranked Gold or better in your highest rating, you receive a ranked border that people will see in the match preview screen. There are ranked borders for Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels. These will last for one season and will be updated again after the new season ends.

Your frontier from any previous season does not carry over and has no impact on your current frontier reward.

Season 19 Ranked Avatars

Ranked avatars include prestigious versions for those who ranked high in previous seasons. For example, if you ranked Platinum last season and Gold this season, you will receive the upgraded versions of the Competitor Badge and Gold Emblem. You will still have your original Platinum Emblem avatar from previous seasons.

You must play at least 10 games to receive ranked avatars/frontiers at ANY rank.

  • Competitor Badge: Awarded to anyone who plays 10 or more ranked games.
  • Gold Emblem: Awarded to players who finish at Gold level or above.
  • Platinum Emblem: Awarded to players who finish at the Platinum level or above.
  • Diamond Emblem: Awarded to players who finish at Diamond.
  • Upgraded versions of ranked avatars are awarded to those who earned the same avatar in previous seasons.

Information on upgrading ranked avatars to 5th and 6th levels

For players who have reached the 5th level of an avatar by reaching a certain rank or higher for a total of five seasons: the 5th level of this avatar will remain permanently in your inventory! Congratulations on your accomplishments!

Avatar Tier 6, for those who have reached a certain rank or higher for a total of six seasons, will take on a whole new look! These avatars will become increasingly prestigious with each subsequent seasonal repeat until level 10, at which point the level 10 avatar will remain permanently in your inventory.

In short, every 5 levels of avatars, you will permanently keep the most impressive and complete version, then you will start working on a new version for the following levels for levels 6-10, 11-15, etc. .

Exclusive Ranked Rewards – Skyforged & Goldforged!

Beyond glory, there is immortality! In Mallhalla, under the “Ranked” tab, players can spend their hard-earned glory to purchase Skyforged colors, weapons, nameplates, emotes, and companions. Skyforged colors can only be used on legends that have reached level 5 or higher.

Players can also purchase Goldforged colors, weapons, nameplates, emotes, and companions with Glory. Goldforged requires that the Skyforged version of this item has already been purchased. Show off your might with these exclusive ranked items, including the first-ever ranked companion, the Two-Tailed Ox!

Spring Championship 2022

The sixth year of Brawlhalla Esports continues with the 2022 Spring Championship! This weekend, our European region will fight in singles and doubles.

Don't miss any action, tune in to watch it at!

  • Saturday April 24, 2022 – European Doubles
  • Sunday April 25, 2022 – European Singles
  • For times in your local time zone, see

By logging into the Brawlhalla Twitch stream, players can earn exclusive Esports viewing rewards. Viewing rewards for this Spring Championship include:

  • Exclusive Regal Sun Sword – The next in our set of weapon skins exclusive to this year's esports tournaments. Be one of the first to win this sword!
  • New Chocolate Cherry Sunflower Ax – Rustic and traditional in design, this ax is only available as a Spring 2022 Championship Viewing Reward.
  • New Spring Spectator Title – Show your dedication by watching and earning this brand new title just for the Spring Championship.
  • Avatar Spring Shard 2022 – Collect this year's design of this exclusive animated floral avatar.
  • Esports Colors – Show your love for our Twitch streams with this rare black, silver, blue and gold color scheme, applicable to all legends!
  • Firehawk Sidekick – Reborn in flames again! This bird is usually available in Mallhalla, but you can earn it just by logging in.

New Legend – Reno

  • Reno – “The Bounty Hunter”
  • Armes: Blasters, Orb
  • Stats: 4 Strength, 7 Dexterity, 6 Defense, 5 Speed
  • “Four arms, compound eyes, and utter fearlessness make Chitinoids natural gunslingers, but Reno added a dose of genius that made him the best tracker this side of the Pecosid asteroid belt.

Reno enters with 3 new skins:

  • Desperado Reno – “The strong arm of the law has many more weapons than we remember.”
  • Widowmaker Reno – “You will never see him, but you will feel his bite. »
  • Ferrymoth Reno – “Don't look into the light. »

Brawl of the Week – Team Strikeout!

You and your teammate choose your top three legends and take on an enemy team. 3 actions for each player; cycle through your legend list as you lose shares. KO all enemy team legends to win!

  • 2v2 Barrage
  • The last team standing wins!
  • Queue alone or with a friend.


  • Spend your hard-earned glory on ranked rewards, including the new ranked companion, the Two-Tailed Ox!
    • Available in Skyforged and Goldforged.
  • Check out the new legend, Reno and his skins!
    • desperate reindeer
    • Ferrymoth Reno
    • Widowed Reno
  • The Solidarity emote in support of the zero campaign is still available. To learn more about this non-profit organization, visit
  • Looking for a certain chest? We're spinning chests quickly, so check the in-game timer to see when the next chest will spin.
  • Find the new sale items!

Legend rotation

The free Legends rotation for this week includes: Wu Shang, Lord Vraxx, Magyar, Artemis, Brynn, Dusk, Isaiah, Petra, and Koji.

  • Wu Shang – Using the path of peace, discipline and martial arts, he strikes down his enemies with Spear and Gauntlets!
  • Lord Vraxx – This feared warlord dominates his opponents with Rocket Lance and Blasters!
  • Magyar – As the last remaining member of the Batavian Strazci army and wielding the strength of 100 elite knights, this spectral guardian has come for the glory of battle with their great sword and hammer!
  • Artemis – Crossing the universe in search of his rival Orion, Artemis ripped through a wormhole in Valhalla, armed with a rocket launcher and a scythe; she is ready to fight!
  • Brynn – Competing for sheer joy, this Valkyrie has enjoyed many victories due to her skill with the ax and spear.
  • Dusk – Wielding his spear and a mighty orb, carved in stone and magic, Dusk seeks to wreak havoc throughout Valhalla.
  • Isaiah – Major Isaiah Marshall, Commander of OEL's Special Forces is at your service. He uses Cannon and Blasters using his drone, equipped with a cloaking device and rockets at his disposal!
  • Petra - Having been freed from Terminus, Petra sets her sights on Valhalla with her Orb, Gauntlets, and Darkheart powers.
  • Koji – Armed with his ancestral katana, Koji smashes his way across the battlefield with Sword and Bow!

Brawlhalla is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile devices. To know more about the game, be sure to check out official site.

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