Call of Duty Warzone: PPSh-41 Best Gear

Call of duty warzone Season 3 welcomes a new SMG, which has a rich history with the roots of the franchise. That's right, the PPSh-41 is back!

The iconic Soviet submachine gun is immediately reminiscent of Call of Duty's World War II era, but luckily the weapon has found its way to Warzone. The rapid-fire gun is sure to appeal to those feeling wronged by the recent FFAR nerf or anyone swayed by nostalgia.

Whatever your reasons for using the PPSh-41, we'll set you up for success with the perfect loadout.

Best PPSh-41 Gear for Warzone

le PPSh-41 can be outfitted to be a competitive option, though that's not going to dethrone the MAC-10 as the SMG king. Follow the attachment recommendations below and the Warzone wins will (hopefully) begin.

le GRU suppressor throws it with invaluable sound suppression, keeping the minimap away from your marker, but it comes with bullet speed, recoil control, and effective damage range bonuses. You can't afford to pass on this muzzle accessory.

The next step is 15,7″ Workgroup for the cannon. Recoil takes a hit here, but the con is absorbed elsewhere. The main draw is another increase in damage range and bullet speed. While the PPSh-41's ideal engagement range is relatively close, we want to give it some leeway in less than ideal situations.

For stock, opt for the Stock de Raider. Hipfire accuracy decreases, but sprint time to fire and movement (ADS fire and walk) improves. Submachine guns develop in quick and fast configurations and it's no different here.

le Spetsnaz grip will fit into the underbarrel section. ADS time will decrease with the added benefit of flinch resistance. Of course, the sprint time to shoot increases, but this is solved by the previous attachment.

Finally we have the 55 rpm drum for ammunition. The PPSh-41 spits bullets quickly and this will result in a quickly depleted magazine if using the standard option. To balance its rate of fire and damage, especially when up against fully armored players, the larger drum mag is a necessity. The Spetsnaz 71 Rnd Drum is a tempting alternative for aggressive players who don't mind the ADS overtime penalty.

Now the PPSh-41 is properly equipped to deal with hostile forces in Verdansk. If you haven't unlocked the famous submachine gun yet, read its unlock requirements.

Warzone Season 3 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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