CEMU 1.8.0 Update – Zelda: Breath of The Wild runs smoothly

CEMU 1.8.0 Update – Zelda: Breath of The Wild runs smoothly

If you are a PC gamer and want to play Zelda: Breath of the Wild on PC with 4K textures, emulators are the only way to do it. CEMU is a Wii U emulator that can do just that, it allows Zelda: BotW to have a life on the PC.

The latest version offered by the developers is CEMU 1.8.0 which is immediately available to bosses. This release offers a performance boost and provides fixes for many game bugs and issues that were present with previous CEMU releases.

A memory scanner as well as fullscreen options have been added alongside numerous graphics optimizations and shaders.

Cemu version 1.8.0

  • general: Addition of a memory scanner (search and filter of values)

  • general: if Cemu is maximized to fullscreen, it will stay on the same monitor rather than the default primary monitor

  • RPL: Optimized loading of RPLs

  • GX2: Cemu now uses separable Vertex shaders, geometry and pixel shaders are split into separate, independent programs rather than grouping them into sets.

  • GX2: Added support for using the same texture multiple times with different sampler settings during a single drawcall

  • GX2: graphics pack texture rules will automatically scale gl_FragCoord

  • GX2: Implemented shader instructions RECIPSQRT_FF and RECIP_FF

  • GX2: GPU7 shader decompiler will produce slightly more optimized GLSL code

  • GX2: Better detection for data invalidation in Streamout cache

  • GX2: Frequently used optimized GX2 API

  • GX2: optimized texture decoding

  • GX2: Added '-nsight' command line option to enable debugging via NVIDIA Nsight

There is a lot to be said about this; this game was released relatively sooner than expected and performance increases with each iteration of the emulator. Eventually it will be extremely well optimized and games other than Zelda will probably run much better in the future.

For more updates, stay tuned.

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