Clash of Clans Town Hall Update 14 Patch Notes

Town Hall 14 UpdateI arrived for Clash of Clans, and here is the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

Finally, Town Hall 14 is now available for every Clasher, along with a host of changes, additions, and improvements to the base game. This spring's Town Hall 14 update brought new troops, new levels of defenses and structures, additional troop levels, all new hero pets, and much more. After reaching Town Hall 14, you unlock the pet house, in which you can have some new units in Clash of Clans, named Hero Pets. They each have unique abilities, and at the moment you can unlock four of them, one for each level of the pet house, as it can reach level 4.

Below is the full list of patch notes for the update, with everything shared to the public by Supercell themselves. Please note that the list is very long, due to the huge amount of adjustments and changes implemented by the team. For your information, here is what you will find in this update:

  • Town Hall 14
  • New Building: Pet House
  • Introducing: Hero Pets
  • New building/defense levels
  • New hero levels
  • New troop levels
  • New spell levels
  • Game Balance Changes
  • Game Changes / Quality of Life Improvements
  • Bug fixes

Clash of Clans Town Hall Update 14 Patch Notes

Town Hall 14

Upgrade time Upgrade cost Storage capacity (gold) Storage Capacity (Elixir) Storage capacity (DE) Damage Points
20j 16M d’or 2M d’or 2M elixir 20K DE 8900

Upgrading to Town Hall 14 unlocks:

  • 25x new wall pieces
  • 1x aerial bomb
  • 1x Seeking Air Mine
  • 1x skeleton trap
  • 1x bombe
  • 1x giant bomb
  • 1x pet house

Town Hall 14 Giga Inferno
Town Hall 14 will always have a Giga Inferno which can be upgraded by 5 levels. However, when the Town Hall is destroyed, it now drops a Poison Bomb that deals damage, slows enemy attacks, and slows movement speed.

Level Upgrade cost Upgrade time DPS Dmg when destroyed Max DPS Speed ​​decrease Decreased attack rate # of targets
1 N / A N / A 300 1000 100 30% 30% 4
2 9M d’or 9j 300 1000 120 35% 35% 4
3 11M d’or 11j 300 1000 140 40% 40% 4
4 13M d’or 13j 300 1000 160 45% 45% 4
5 15M d’or 14j 300 1000 180 50% 50% 4

Changes specific to Town Hall 14

  • Attack and follow cost increased from 1200 to 1300
  • Gold/Elixir storage loot cap increased from 550k to 600k
  • DE storage loot cap increased from 4,5k to 5k
  • Max gold/elixir loot in war increased from 130k to 140k
  • Max DE loot during war increased from 700 to 750
  • Max gold loot in league of legends increased from 500k to 550k
  • Max gold/elixir in loot basket increased from 2,6 to 2,8 million
  • Max DE in loot basket increased from 5,2k to 5,6k
  • Max gold/elixir in re-engagement loot basket increased from 16M to 17M
  • Max DE in re-engagement loot basket increased from 160k to 170k
  • Max gold/elixir in treasury increased from 4M to 4,4M
  • Max DE in Treasury increased from 20k to 22k

Introducing: Hero Pets – Powerful companions for the mightiest heroes!
Hero Pets are a brand new unit type in Clash of Clans. When you upgrade your village to Town Hall 14, you will be able to unlock a brand new building: the Pet House. The Pet House is where you can manage your heroes, level them up, and assign them to your heroes.

Level Upgrade cost Upgrade time Damage Points Unlock
1 15M elixir 13j 700 L.A.S.S.I
2 17,5 M elixir 15j 800 Electro Owl
3 18,5 M elixir 17j 900 Mighty Yak
4 Elixir 19,5 M 19j 1000 Unicorn

When you upgrade your pet house, you will also have access to a new hero pet with each level. Each hero pet has its own unique ability that will aid the hero it is assigned to.

Each hero can take one of the available hero pets into battle, depending on the strategy you use. Assigning different familiar heroes to different heroes will allow you to create various flexible strategies depending on the needs of your army composition! Want to give your Barbarian King some extra ranged damage? Then bring in Electro Owl as a familiar hero. Or maybe you want to take your Queen Walk to the next level, then give her a unicorn for some extra care!

Finally, Hero Pets can be upgraded using magic items. Just like your heroes, they can be leveled up using Book of Heroes to complete an upgrade in progress or Hammer of Heroes to instantly level up your pet.

So let's see which Hero Pets will be available with the Town Hall 14 update!


This adorable automaton pup will attack nearby targets and even jump over walls to bite the postman's leg...and everything in his eyes looks like the postman's leg.

  • Preferred target: within 2,5 tiles of the hero
  • Damage Type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground
  • Movement Speed: 32
Level Upgrade cost Upgrade time DPS HP
1 N / A N / A 150 2700
2 115K DE 3d 160 2800
3 130K DE 4j 170 2900
4 145K DE 5j 180 3000
5 160K DE 5j 12h 190 3100
6 175K DE 6j 200 3200
7 190K DE 6j 12h 210 3300
8 205K DE 7j 220 3400
9 220K DE 7j 12h 230 3500
dix 235K DE 8j 240 3600

Electro Owl

Mysterious in appearance, this superconducting bird of prey glides silently alongside your hero, automatically giving them extra cool points. Who wouldn't want a fine-feathered friend with glowing eyes perched on their shoulder? In combat, the Electro Owl launches a ranged attack that bounces once on a nearby target.

  • Preferred target: hero's target
  • Damage Type: Single Target
  • Targets: ground and air
  • Movement Speed: 20
Level Upgrade cost Upgrade time DPS HP
1 N / A N / A 100 1600
2 135K DE 3d 105 1700
3 150K DE 4j 110 1800
4 165K DE 5j 115 1900
5 180K DE 5j 12h 120 2000
6 195K DE 6j 125 2100
7 210K DE 6j 12h 130 2200
8 225K DE 7j 135 2300
9 240K DE 7j 12h 140 2400
dix 255K DE 8j 145 2500

Mighty Yak

While this messy-maned monstrosity might look less than menacing, Mighty Yak's skull and horns are definitely not to be overlooked. Tougher than mountains, Mighty Yak uses his horns to blast a path for his fellow hero by dealing bonus damage to walls.

  • Preferred target: within 7 tiles of the hero
  • Damage type: Area splash
  • Targets: Ground
  • Movement Speed: 24
Level Upgrade cost Upgrade time DPS HP
1 N / A N / A 60 3750
2 165K DE 3d 64 4000
3 185K DE 4j 68 4250
4 205K DE 5j 72 4500
5 225K DE 5j 12h 76 4750
6 245K DE 6j 80 4950
7 255K DE 6j 12h 84 5100
8 265K DE 7j 88 5250
9 275K DE 7j 12h 92 5400
dix 285 DE 8j 96 5500


This prancing pony with its pulchritudinous pointed head doesn't just act as a beacon at night for lost travelers with its glowing horn. Heroes who take advantage of its regenerative shard will recover damage over time as a personal healer!

  • Favorite target: heroes
  • Type of Healing: Single Target
  • Targets: ground and air
  • Movement Speed: 16
Level Upgrade cost Upgrade time treat Damage Points
1 N / A N / A 50 1400
2 210K DE 3d 53 1450
3 220K DE 4j 56 1500
4 230K DE 5j 59 1550
5 240K DE 5j 12h 62 1600
6 250K DE 6j 65 1675
7 260K DE 6j 12h 68 1725
8 270K DE 7j 71 1800
9 280K DE 7j 12h 74 1875
dix 290K DE 8j 77 1950

New defense/building/trap levels

  • Tier 2-4 Builder's Hut
  • Level 12 Lab
  • Clan castle level 10
  • Level 15 gold storage
  • Level 15 Elixir Storage
  • Level 9 Dark Elixir Storage
  • Cannon level 20
  • Level 13 Hidden Tesla
  • Tier 9 Bomb Tower
  • Level 8 Infernal Tower
  • Level 5 Eagle Artillery
  • Scattershot level 3
  • Level 10 bomb
  • Wall level 15

Overview: Battle Builder Huts
When you upgrade to Town Hall 14, you unlock the ability to upgrade your builder huts.

After years of his creations being crushed day after day, Builder has finally decided to turn his humble abode into a tool of retaliation. That's right! Builder Hut is no longer just bonus damage percentages or that lone building in the corner that lets you get a 2% 99-star attack when time is running out.

Once upgraded beyond level 2, the builder's hut will actively defend itself with an armed turret that fires at invading enemies. Additionally, the builder will no longer hide in his builder hut and now takes an active role in defending your village! In order to thwart damage to its architectural marvels, Builder will attempt to repair nearby defenses during a battle.

Battle Builder Hut Levels 2-4

Level Upgrade time Upgrade cost damage per second Repair per second Damage Points
2 10j 9,5 millions d’or 80 50 1000
3 12j 12,5 millions d’or 100 55 1300
4 14j 15,5 millions d’or 120 60 1600
  • Range: 6 tiles
  • Damage Type: Single Target
  • Targets: ground and air
  • Preferred target: any

Although the builder itself cannot take damage or be targeted by attacking troops, it CAN be targeted by offensive spells. Poison and Freeze spells will slow/stop him from repairing nearby buildings. Lightning Spell will cause it to reset its repair target.

The builder will stop repairing their targeted building once their own builder hut has been destroyed. Another thing to keep in mind is that the build shack is now a defense structure and will be targeted by units attacking defenses such as balloons, hog riders, etc.

Since Master Builder is a part-time employee who splits his time between the Home Village and Builder Base, the Builders Syndicate declared that he was ineligible for Battle Builder status. In other words, only huts from ordinary builders will be able to be upgraded.

Level 12 Lab

Upgrade time Upgrade cost Damage Points
12j 12M elixir 1280

Clan castle level 10

Upgrade time Upgrade cost Troop capacity Spell Storage siege machine Damage Points
20j 19M d’or 45 3 1 5200

Resource storage

Level 15 Gold/Elixir Storage

Upgrade time Upgrade cost Storage capacity Damage Points
12j Elixir 6M / Gold 4,5 M gold / elixir 3700

Level 9 Dark Elixir Storage

Upgrade time Upgrade cost Storage capacity Damage Points
15j 12M elixir Dark Elixir 330K 4100


Cannon level 20

Upgrade time Upgrade cost DPS Damage Points
17j 17,5 millions d’or 154 2150

Level 13 Hidden Tesla

Upgrade time Upgrade cost DPS Damage Points
18j Or 18M 150 1350

Tier 9 Bomb Tower

Upgrade time Upgrade cost DPS Damage during destruction Damage Points
18j 18,5 millions d’or 84 500 2300

Level 8 Infernal Tower

Upgrade time Upgrade cost DPS # of targets Damage Points
19j 19M d’or 2300/105 1/6 3700

Level 5 Eagle Artillery

Upgrade time Upgrade cost DPS Shockwave damage Damage Points
20j 20M d’or 500 40 5600

Scattershot level 3

Upgrade time Upgrade cost DPS Damage Points
19j 19M d’or 190 4800

Bomb level 10

Upgrade time Upgrade cost Cause damage Area of ​​effect
8j 6M d’or 140 3 tiles

Walls Level 15

# the rooms Upgrade cost Damage Points
100x segments 7M gold or elixir 12,5 K

New hero levels

  • Barbarian King Level 80
  • Archer Queen Level 80
  • Grand Guardian Level 55
  • Level 30 Royal Champion

Barbarian King Levels 76-80

Level Upgrade time Upgrade cost DPS Damage Points Regeneration time Competence level
76 8j 305K DE 559 10 490 40cm 15
77 8j 310K DE 568 10 680 40cm 15
78 8j 315K DE 577 10 870 40cm 15
79 8j 320K DE 586 11 060 40cm 15
80 8j 325K DE 595 11 250 42cm 16

Iron Fist Level 16

Increased damage Health Recovery Speed ​​increase # of units summoned
990 4700 33 36

Archer Queen Levels 76-80

Level Upgrade time Upgrade cost DPS Damage Points Regeneration time Competence level
76 8j 306K DE 820 3425 40cm 15
77 8j 312K DE 825 3460 40cm 15
78 8j 318K DE 830 3495 40cm 15
79 8j 324K DE 835 3530 40cm 15
80 8j 330K DE 840 3565 42cm 16

Level 16 Royal Cloak

Increased damage Health Recovery Ability time # of units summoned
1480 525 6,6 s 20

Grand Guardian Levels 51-55

Level Upgrade time Upgrade cost DPS Damage Points Regeneration time Competence level
51 8j 17M elixir 303 2460 40cm dix
52 8j 17,5 M elixir 307 2480 40cm dix
53 8j 18M elixir 311 2500 40cm dix
54 8j 18,5 M elixir 315 2520 40cm dix
55 8j 19M elixir 319 2540 42cm 11

Eternal Tome / Life Aura Level 11

Ability time HP increase Max HP Increase
8,5 s 90% 575

Royal Champion levels 26-30

Level Upgrade time Upgrade cost DPS Damage Points Regeneration time Competence level
26 8j 300K DE 560 4140 40cm 5
27 8j 305K DE 565 4180 40cm 5
28 8j 310K DE 570 4220 40cm 5
29 8j 315K DE 575 4260 40cm 5
30 8j 320K DE 580 4300 42cm 6

Level 6 Shield Seeker

Cause damage Health Recovery # of targets
2060 3200 4

New troop levels

  • Level 10 Barbarian
  • Archer level 10
  • Level 10 Wall Circuit Breaker
  • Level 7 Healer
  • Level 8 baby dragon
  • Servant level 10
  • Valkyrie level 9
  • Level 6 Ice Golem

Troupe Level Upgrade time Upgrade cost DPS Damage Points Training time Cost of training
Barbarous dix 14j 15M elixir 42 240 5 s 400 elixir
Archer dix 14j Elixir 15,5 M 34 60 6 s 800 elixir
wall circuit breaker dix 16j 16M elixir 94/54 130 15 s Elixir 2400
Baby dragon 8 16j 12h 17M elixir 145 1900 1 min 30 s Elixir 12K
Servant dix 16j 12h 300K DE 70 108 18 years 13 DE
Valkyrie 9 17j 310K DE 208 1850 1 min 30 s 250 DE

Level 7 Healer

Upgrade time Upgrade cost Troop Healing hero healing Damage Points Training time Cost of training
17j 17M elixir 72 62 1700 2m Elixir 20K

Level 6 Ice Golem

Upgrade time Upgrade cost DPS Freeze time when destroyed Damage Points Training time Cost of training
17j 320K DE 44 7,5 s 3600 2 min 30 s 320 DE

New super troop levels/stats

super troop Level DPS Damage Points Training time Cost of training
super barbarian dix 220 1200 25s Elixir 2000
Super archer dix 144 550 1 min 12 s 9600 Elixir
Super Wall Disjoncteur dix 130/313 475 1m 9600 Elixir
hell dragon 8 82-1660 2200 2 min 15 s Elixir 18K
Super Minion dix 350 1700 1 min 48 s 78 DE
Super Valkyrie 9 325 2500 3 min 45 s 625 DE

New spell levels

  • Level 7 Clone
  • Poison level 8

Level 7 Clone

Upgrade time Upgrade cost Cloned ability Cost
16j 12h Elixir 16,5 M 38 Elixir 37K

Poison level 8

Upgrade time Upgrade cost Max DPS Speed ​​decrease Decreased attack rate Cost
17j 12h 300K DE 300 46% 68% 200 DE

Balance Changes

  • Level 6 clone spell house space effect increased from 33 to 34.
  • Super Giant HP has been reduced by 200
  • Super Minion DPS reduced by 50. HP increased by 100
  • Inferno Dragon Level 2 DPS reduced from 80-1600 to 79-1580 and HP reduced by 50.
  • Inferno Dragon Beam cooldown increased from 0,5s to 0,6s.
  • Increase the maximum number of spell donations by 1 for clans of level 4 and above
  • Level 8 Inferno Tower will have 6 beams in Multi-Inferno mode

Changes to Clan Castle Donations

Clan castle level Troop Lab Don Level Cap
1 5 (TH7)
2 6 (TH8)
3 7 (TH9)
4 8 (TH10 inc. Sneaky Goblin)
5 9 (TH11 inc. Super Barbare, Super Archer et Super Wall Breaker)
6 10 (TH12 inc. All remaining Super Troops)
7 11 (TH13)
8 Can receive troops of any level

Referring to the table above, a level 1 clan castle, when you receive donated troops, the level of these troops will be limited to the troop levels for a level 5 lab.

Using Barbarian in the example above, the maximum level of Barbarians a level 1 clan castle will receive would be level 4 when given away, as this is the highest level they can be upgraded to with a level 5 laboratory.

This level cap also affects War Gifts. Higher level troop donations will automatically have their level reduced by the level cap. Additionally, any troop levels gained through clan perks will still respect the level cap.

Startup Challenges
Starter Challenges are a new way for players between Town Halls 2-6 to speed up their progress through a variety of challenges similar to the Silver/Gold Pass. free to play Challenges are unlocked at each Town Hall level and completing each challenge will provide more challenges to complete.

New Starter Pass Rewards Track

There are deliciously tempting rewards that can be earned with the Starter Pass. From the Gold Rune to a Build Book, the Starter Pass reward track has up to 5000 points for players to complete.

Once a player upgrades to Town Hall 7, all unclaimed rewards are automatically collected.

Recruitment tool
We've made a number of changes to help improve the user experience when players use the Find New Member feature.

  • It is now possible for players to receive invites without also being suggested in the Find New Members feature. The Invites preference in Player Profile now has 3 settings.
    • Receive invitations and be suggested
    • Receive invites
    • No invitation
  • Players who have chosen to be suggested in the Find New Members feature must confirm that they are still searching for a clan each week to continue being suggested.
  • Clan invitations now expire after 2 weeks. This will prevent cases where someone joins a clan unexpectedly from a very old invite.
  • There is now an information pop-up in Find New Members that gives details on how the feature works and explains clan controls on recommendations.
  • Clans can now set a language in their settings.

Cost reductionIn this update, we are introducing a series of discounts for different upgrade periods and upgrade costs with the aim of helping players upgrade their villages even faster! For a full list of discounts, please see the information below.

Reduced training times

  • Ice Golem: 360 seconds → 300 seconds
  • Witch: 360 seconds → 240 seconds
  • Super Witch: 1200 seconds → 800 seconds

Reduced wall costs

  • Wall level 12: 3M gold/elixir → 2M gold/elixir
  • Wall level 13: 5M gold/elixir → 4M gold/elixir

Lower and mid town hall cost reductions
We've implemented tons of cost changes from Town Hall Tier 2 to Town Hall Tier 11 to help players level up faster than ever, with the biggest discounts applied from level 7 to 10 of the town hall!

  • Town Hall 2 upgrade times reduced by 60%
  • Early troop upgrades in the lab have been significantly reduced
  • Barbarian King and Archer Queen upgrade costs for levels 1-50 have been significantly reduced
  • Level 13 Town Hall costs are mostly unchanged
  • For a breakdown of cost changes, please refer to the following tables. The percentages display an approximate average of the discounts applied at each TH level. Please note that charges do not apply to walls.
TH level Gold costs Elixir costs DE costs
4 -1% -7% N / A
5 -3% -26% N / A
6 -8% -8% N / A
7 -17% -24% -54%
8 -24% -27% -45%
9 -31% -26% -33%
dix -18% -24% -32%
11 -7% -11% -16%
12 -1% -2% -1%
TH level Builder time Lab hours
4 -3% -8%
5 -6% -43%
6 -11% -44%
7 -14% -38%
8 -24% -31%
9 -26% -24%
dix -20% -16%
11 -12% -8%
12 -1% -3%

Several cost/time reductions for new players

  • Reduced seek/follow cost at most levels from TH1-8
  • Level 1/2 Barbarian training cost changed from 25/40 to 15/30
  • Training cost for tier 1/2 archers changed from 50/80 to 30/60
  • Level 1/2/3/4 giants training cost changed from 250/750/1250/1750 to 150/300/750/1500
  • Barb/Archer upgrade cost reduced at levels 1-2
  • Doubled storage capacity of level 1-4 elixir collectors/gold mines so they don't cap after 3 hours

New Achievements
We've added a host of new achievements for high-level players to complete!

Not so easy this time
Destroy armed town halls in multiplayer battles

Level Target # XP Reward Gem reward
1 dix 100 20
2 100 800 100
3 2000 5000 250

Siege Supporter
Donate Siege Machines *

Level Target # XP Reward Gem reward
1 50 20 20
2 1000 200 100
3 5000 2000 500

* Since Siege Machine donations now count towards this achievement, they no longer count towards the Friend in Need achievement.
Superb work
Boost Super Troops

Level Target # XP Reward Gem reward
1 20 dix dix
2 100 100 30
3 250 1000 100

And with the new Battle Builder, of course we have to include a new achievement!

Bust This! – Destroy armed builder huts in multiplayer battles

Level Target # XP Reward Gem reward
1 25 dix dix
2 250 100 30
3 2500 1000 100


  • Boosters on heroes or buildings are no longer canceled when an upgrade is started and will continue to run in the background.
  • Practice Mode levels are now only available in the same Town Hall as the level, not one before.
  • The current lab upgrade timer continues as normal when the lab is upgraded and can be completed with gems or a book. New unit/spell upgrades still cannot be cast until the lab upgrade is complete.
  • Move some of the obstacles in the new village starting layout closer to the edges so there is more continuous empty space for the village.
  • The rewards for the first 19 Goblin Map levels after the tutorial have been increased for a better new player experience:
    • Values ​​for level 20 and above remain unchanged
Level Or Elixir
1 1500 1500
2 2500 2500
3 3000 3000
4 4000 4000
5 5000 5000
6 8 000 4000
7 8 000 8 000
8 8 000 12 000
9 10 000 14 000
dix 20000 6000
11 14 000 14 000
12 20000 10 000
13 16 000 16 000
14 17 000 17 000
15 16 000 20000
16 24 000 14 000
17 20000 2000
18 15 000 30000
19 24 000 24 000

User interface changes

  • Achievements are now listed in a more meaningful order than the order they were first added to the game.
  • There is now a confirmation popup when pressing the End Workout button in the Workout screen.
  • New icon for max poison DPS to distinguish it from normal DPS
  • Lab research screen can be accessed while upgrading the lab
  • Keep the tier insignia flame lit in battle when all troops/spells are deployed
  • Use the popover to show what new buildings/traps are in the TH/BH upgrade screen

3D assets

  • The Barbarian King's default skin has been buffed slightly by adding more triangles that better capture the character and essence of his royal highness. Additionally, custom textures take full advantage of the new shaders. We plan to do this with all default skins for each hero. We will apply this new shader technology to future skins, but we have no plans to review older ones at this time.

Season Challenge Changes

  • When claiming a resource reward, if the player only has enough storage space for part of the reward, they can now take whatever amount of the reward is suitable for them and some gems. The amount of gems varies from a maximum of 5 to 1 depending on the proportion of resources taken. For example. if a player takes 20% of the resources, they will receive 4 gems (80% of 5).
  • When a season ends, unlocked but unclaimed season rewards will automatically be claimed. Any rewards that cannot be stored will be converted to gems using the same rules as if done manually.
  • If a player is close to maxing out and cannot meet the conditions for a challenge that requires a certain number of walls or buildings to be upgraded, they will only have to complete what they can still upgrade. If they're maxed out and can't upgrade anything, the challenge will automatically be over.
  • New Clan Games Challenges and Gold Pass for Invisibility Spell
  • All Season Challenges relating to winning battles with a Troop or Spell have had the amount needed per battle reduced to 1 each.

IOS changes

  • The default frame rate for iPad Pro 120FPS models is set to 60FPS to conserve battery usage. If you want to switch to 120FPS, there is a new higher frame rate option under More Settings that will allow you to switch back to 120FPS.
  • On compatible devices, we now use Apple's Metal graphics API. This provides more efficient performance and should reduce power consumption while gaming.
  • In order to use Facebook's social features, it is now necessary to grant permission for cross-app tracking. This is unfortunately required by Facebook for us to offer this functionality. Check out Supercell ID for privacy-friendly social features!

Bug fixes

  • Spring traps no longer waste spring capacity when ejecting dead troops.
  • Fixed minor inaccuracies in the Raged Barbarian, Super Barbarian, and Sneaky Archer ability timers.
  • Fixed a minor Headhunter poison timer inaccuracy.
  • Fixed lifespan calculation inaccuracy for Siege Barracks. Its lifespan wasn't exactly 30 seconds as shown on the info screen.
  • Added lifespan information to the Log Launcher info screen.
  • Fixed a rare targeting bug for ground troops. Ground troops sometimes fail to choose a target if they have exactly 2 eligible troop targets close together and no other targets.
  • When troops are deployed inside the invisibility spell, the effect is applied immediately. Otherwise, defenses would sometimes target deployed troops before they became invisible.
  • Lava Hounds and Ice Hounds no longer permanently forget to target air defenses if all remaining air defenses are invisible when targeting.
  • Fixed bugs of more accurate line of sight calculation and re-enabled.
  • Introduisez une meilleure logique d’évaluation de la position d’attaque pour Archer Queen. It should improve her AI and for example she’s more likely to walk in to open compartments with a missing corner Wall segment now.
  • Defensive Healers will no longer heal defensive buildings if the splash happens to hit them.
  • Stop Grand Warden from attacking a Wall if nobody else in his group is attacking a Wall.
  • Prevent Grand Warden from dying while activating his ability if he’s damaged at the exact same moment.
  • Allow live spectating attacks among Supercell ID friends.


  • Show normal projectiles for Archer Queen when she is invisible without using the Royal Cloak ability.
  • Do not use poison avoidance for dead units. Fixes spinning death animation for Electro Dragons.
  • Fix some visual inconsistencies in Ice Golem death effects.

Single Player

  • Show loot in single player storage buildings. Now storages are always visually full if the level has 100% loot remaining instead of being visually empty.
  • Take TH based scaling into account in practice and challenge levels. For example earlier the Santa spell would be scaled based on the player’s TH but now it’s scaled based on the level’s TH.
  • Add support for defining skins for the attacker in challenge levels instead of using player’s currently selected skins.
  • Add support for attack timer in challenge levels.


  • Do not show the indicator in war screen edit layout button if the button itself isn’t visible.
  • Players must always choose a war size when signing up for Clan War League, there is no default selection any more.
  • Show up to 36 icons during a replay in case the attacker is using that many units. The prior upper limit was 30.
  • Fixed crash when trying to open classic war details while the CWL screen is open.


  • Fix ground Xbow upgrade asset to match other assets of the same level for levels 5, 6 and 7.
  • Do not accumulate XP when destroying Town Hall in practice mode, Super Troop trial level or challenge level. XP is still gained normally in game modes where your own army is used.
  • Fixed a bug where players could have more than the intended number of Super Troops trainable or trained at once.
  • Make war info screen text compatible with 1 attack wars by not mentioning the exact attack count.
  • Fixed visual Wall connection problems when visiting villages which have destroyed Walls and the village owner has not logged in after they were destroyed.
  • Fixed a rare bug in Builder Base where players could randomly get extra troops when the game server had issues during the previous battle.
  • Fixed positioning of level 10-11 Army Camp HP bar, name and text bubble.

Builder Menu

  • Show correct price of Builder Base Army Camp in the Builder Menu in case the previous Army Camp has been very recently built.
  • The Builder Menu will now show Builder Huts can be upgraded.

Layout Editor

  • Disable Move All tool buttons when dragging objects to avoid visual glitches.
  • Improve synchronization of visual and logical object coordinates in layout editor.
  • Refresh wall connections properly when swapping walls in layout editor.
  • Fixed failure in the layout editor if more than 500 objects are moved at once.
  • Allow swapping of buildings in non-active layouts in the editor without triggering the layout cooldown.


  • Prevent donating troops below requested level. If someone had requested a level 7 Freeze and 1 Spell of any kind in a clan with +1 level perk, and had already received level 5+1 Freeze, the donation system would falsely assume that the donated Freeze spell fills the original request.
  • Improved sorting of super troops within the donation request menu by giving them a specific order instead of an arbitrary order.
  • Give proper error messages whenever donation to War Clan Castle fails.
  • Apply clan perks (and donation level caps) immediately when doing war donations instead of first adding the unmodified troop and then applying modifiers later.

Clash of Clans is available on Android and iOS. For more information about the game, make sure to check the official game page.

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