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From the Official College of Psychology of Catalonia warn us of the problems caused by misuse of technology and video games.

Using new technologies: internet, mobile, videogames... you have to make a good use. We can get problems such as addictions to internet or games, FOMO Syndrome and other behavioral anomalies such as Nomophobia.

When you reach the point where you can not leave the virtual world, the dependence ends up changing the person's life. At that point we can say that there is a problem of addiction to new technologies. This is very dangerous, and should be avoided and controlled as far as possible.

Regarding the Addiction to New Technologies we find several "disorders":

Nomophobia: "No-mobile-phone phobia", dependence to the cell phone.

FOMO Syndrome: "Fear Of Missing Out", is the fear that consists in the fear of any publication in social networks, with which the affected person has to be connected all the time not to miss anything.

Digital hypochondria: it is the obsessive concern about health and makes people consult the internet about anything, symptom or possible disease that they may believe they have.