Days Gone – How long does it take to beat?

Days Gone is an expansive open-world adventure that weaves its way across a massive Pacific Northwest map. The story of ex-Mongrel MC Deacon St. John is told through his various interactions and exploits in the post-apocalyptic environment. Settle in because credits won't be available anytime soon.

Sony Bend has crafted a free roaming survival game that features the standard fixins of the genre. This means that the main campaign is accompanied by a multitude of side quests, emergent events and hidden collectibles throughout the territory of Oregon. The total number of timed hours at the end of the game can change drastically depending on the number of optional activities and entertainment that fit into each player's experience.

How long does it take to beat Days Gone?

The campaign in Days Gone can go a long way from 30 to 60 hours. On the low end, those looking to play through the story on lower difficulties should be able to rush through the experience in around 30-35 hours. Even those contemplating the end should be prepared to invest enough time.

When factoring in side quests and other completion activities, the time investment can easily run north of 50 hours. And that's an estimate based on those who stay relatively focused. If you find yourself roaming every square inch of the map in the name of exploration and/or just enjoying the occasional jaunt through the Oregon terrain, the hours can climb even further.

Whichever camp you fall on, Sony Bend has ensured players are stuck for quite a while on Days Gone. So get your schedule clear.

Days Gone is available now on PC, PlayStatino 4 and PlayStation 5.

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