DayZ Update 1.28 Patch Notes

1.28 update arrived for DayZ, and here is the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

One of the game's most annoying and amusing bugs has been plaguing the DayZ community recently. The infected were able to pass through even closed doors, which led to some really interesting events. Head over to YouTube if you really want a laugh, but make no mistake this wasn't a pleasant fact for some players. Either way, this instance and many more were the focus of this 1.28 update, so take a look below to see the full list of patch notes, as some weapons are also being changed among the rest. changes and fixes.

DayZ Update 1.28 Patch Notes


  • Fixed a game crash related to cached ammo information
  • Infected people were able to walk through the doors in some places
  • Wrong values ​​in 7,62×54 and .308 ammo config (
  • Wrong shock drop settings for 7,62×39 ammo
  • A string was not correctly translated for a connection error message (STR_ve_m_rogue_pbo1)
  • Minor configuration errors in CE configurations
  • The witch's hood could not be repaired
  • The witch hat could not be repaired
  • The witch hat did not change its texture when damaged
  • Crooked Nose did not change its texture when damaged
  • The cauldron did not change its texture when damaged
  • Tent inventories were accessible from the outside
  • A heavy blow and an immediate fall into unconsciousness caused the iron sights to shift, requiring a game restart


  • Temporary deactivation of the Eggsperimental capsule
  • Reduced effective range and damage of 7,62×54 and .308 ammo
  • Increased audible range of Assault Rifles to 2,5 km
  • Increased audible range of sniper rifles to 3,5 km
  • increased audibility of pistol shots up to 800 meters
  • Increased audibility of SMG and shotgun fire up to 1,4 km
  • Changed weapon sound curves
  • Reduced damage to tools when building/repairing/dismantling base building objects
  • Increased protection of the plate carrier against incoming shock and damage to health


  • Fix: The Eggsperimental capsule was ready to appear on community servers
  • Fixed: Server log messages showing information that should only be displayed on the client
  • Fixed: Server log kick messages having string tags instead of the actual message
  • Fixed: Server log kick messages having newlines (now replaced with spaces)

DayZ is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For more on the game, be sure to check out the official website right here.

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