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Death Loop drops you on an island of party boobies, enjoying immortality on an eternal loop. There is no escape unless you break the cycle, and to do so you will need to kill 8 Visionaries. One such visionary is the twisted Harriet, a woman who has locked herself in the Karl's Bay shed and plans to help her followers reach the next stage of enlightenment. Like any cult leader, you can help him achieve enlightenment much faster with your revolver. You will need to act fast in the morning before she completes what she has planned for her herd.

Each visionary in Death's Loop has a special trophy or achievement tied to their removal. To mark Harriet's signature, you'll need to defeat her with a poison gas cloud. There is an easy way to do this, but it involves unlocking the Infusion ability. Be sure to raid Wenjie's lab at the start of the game to unlock the infusion and mark this ability, then you can finally keep the slabs and weapons between the loops. You will need a special weapon to make this challenge a breeze.

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How To Kill To Kill Harriet With Poison Gas | Judgment Day Guide

  • The day of judgment: Kill Harriet with poison gas.

Harriet is a visionary armed with a poison gas gun. His unique weapon, a Fourpounder revolver, drops a payload of toxic gas. This is the easiest way to get this achievement/trophy. kill her once retrieve his weapon, then be sure to infuse it to back it up between curls. Then take it with you for another loop to land that kill.

  • Go to Karl's Bay (morning) and infiltrate the hangar. In Hangar 2, Harriet speaks from the large podium - use the shift to sneak through the laser grid and into the room where she's being kept. Kill her and take his Fourpounder with the poison effect.
  • Return to your brew chamber and use the special revolver to shoot the switch - this lets you keep the gun without having to infuse it. Or you can infuse it to keep the gun permanently.
  • Then, simply infiltrate Harriet's Hangar 2 fortress and fire the gun at her feet. Don't hit her directly with bullets - just let the poisonous gas generated by the bullet impact damage her. Shoot the ground under her until the gas pushes her out.

And that's all! If the gas kills her, you'll score that achievement/trophy and enjoy another signature kill.

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