Destiny 2 – Dawning Event – ​​Furnace Recipes – How To Get Ingredients

The Dawning holiday event has returned once again in Destiny 2, and the tradition of crafting treats for in-game characters to earn in-game loot continues for another year. This time, players will prepare items for game characters to unlock different rewards including ships, weapons, armors, etc. This guide will show you all the different recipes you can use with Eva's Holiday Oven and where to find the different ingredients needed to cook it.

Below are all Dawning Oven 2022 recipes in alphabetical order, along with the person in the game to whom the item should be delivered. To complete these different deliveries, you will need to set about gathering the ingredients as well as a universal cooking material needed for each batch of treats called the Essence of Dawning.

For each recipe below, you will also need 15 Essence of Dawn to finish cooking.

Destiny 2 Dawn Oven Recipes

Biscuit Ingredients Beneficiary
Biscuits Alkane Dragee Chitin powder, bullet spray Sloane
Oatmeal Raisin Rising Cookies Chitin powder, final touch Eris Morn
Bittersweet Biscotti Dark ether cane, balanced flavors Raven
Blueberry Crumblers Canne Ether, Bullet Spray Shaw Han
shiny snowballs Chitin powder, multiform flavors Tess
Burnt Edge Transit Vex Milk, delicious explosion Master Rahool
ghost dead candy Dark Aether Cane, Flash of Inspiration Araignée
Chocolate boat cookies Cabbala oil, zero taste Amanda holliday
Classic Butter Cookie Firm butter, superb texture Eve Levante
Dark chocolate motes Butter taken, no taste Drifter
Eliksni bird seed Ether cane, personal touch Hawthorne bird
Etheric Coldsnaps Chitin powder, electric flavor Variks
Fractal Scrolls Vex milk, pinch of light Brother Vance
Sha-Dough Frit Dark ether cane, great texture Calluses
Shortbread for men Ether cane, perfect taste Devrim kay
Gjallardoodles Ether cane, delicious explosion Zavala
Hackberry pie Cabala oil, multiple flavors Benedict 99-40
Crossfire Hot Buns Ether cane, balanced flavor There-1
Bad Fortune Cookies Dark Aether Cane, Impossible Heat Petra Venj
Infinite Forest Cake Vex milk, impossible heat Failsafe
Javelin Moon Cake Chitin powder, strong flavor Ana Bray
Lavender Ribbon Cookies Vex milk, personal touch Saint-14
Pudding radiolaire Vex milk, electric flavor Asher Mir
weird cookies Taken butter, electric flavor xur
Tapioca Telemetry Vex Milk, Bullet Spray Banshee-44
Thousand layers cookie Butter taken, delicious explosion Torn
Traveler Donut Holes Cabala Oil, Flash of Inspiration Ikora
vanilla blades Cabala Oil, Vivid Flavors Shaxx

Now you're looking to track down some of those holiday ingredients. Come to think of it, they're pretty straightforward, but if you need a guide, the one below will tell you what in-game activities you need to do to have a chance of making Ingredient drops. In the past, some ingredient drops were rarer than others and sometimes harder to obtain.

Destiny 2 Dawning How to Get Ingredients

Ingredient How to have
Balanced flavors Sniper, Scout Rifle, Archery Kills
Bullet Spray AR, SMG, machine gun kills
cabala oil Kill the Cabal
chitin powder kill the hive
Dark Aether Cane kill contempt
delicious explosion Kill with explosives
electric flavor bow kills
ether cane kill fallen
The final touch Finisher Kill
Flash of inspiration Generate orbs of light
Impossible heat Solar kill
Multifaceted flavors Tue multiple
Bad taste Void Kills
Perfect taste precision kills
personal touch Melee kills
pinch of light Collect orbs of light
Tang kill with swords
Superb texture super kills
Butter taken kill caught
Vex milk Kill Vex

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