Destroy All Humans guide: How to electrocute scientists with Tesla coils

Build that static shock

There are very few confusing things about Destroy All Humans. It's a game where the goals are immediately clear, usually to destroy humans in some way. Blow up a car, kill soldiers with rockets ā€“ that kind of stuff. You can almost always immediately figure out what Destroy All Humans is asking you to do.

However, an optional objective in one of Destroy All Humans' final levels left me scratching my head. During the ā€œShocking Developmentsā€ mission, you are tasked with electrocuting three scientists with Tesla coils. This is the only objective that is not necessarily intuitive.

I have tried everything. I thought shooting the coils with my Zap-O-Matic would cause the wire harnesses to fly everywhere. Nope. I thought using telekinesis to throw scientists into the coils would fry them. No. Maybe detonating nearby objects would cause some sort of chain reaction? Definitely not.

Here's what you need to do: To electrocute scientists with Tesla coils, just pick them up with your psi-powers and rub them against the coil a bit. It's super easy, and they drop like mosquitoes into a bug zapper. It will definitely blow your cover in those heavily guarded areas, but what about a space invader?

Here. This should save you some time and frustration just before Destroy All Humans ends. A lot of people are going to be confused here because the game never teaches this technique. They'll go through their Rolodex of plausible solutions before landing here via a Google search. Welcome to 2022. We come in peace.

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