Disgaea RPG Free Serial Code (avril 2022)

Disgaea RPG Free Serial Code (avril 2022)

Disgaea RPG has finally been released for mobile devices and its developer Boltrend Games has wasted no time at all in sweetening the beloved franchise community with a free and exclusive serial number. Through their social media, they have shared a redeemable code with everyone, to win some goodies for a nice head start in the game. Below is how to redeem the code and what its contents are.

How to Claim Free Serial Code in Disgaea RPG

Although the team has shared a code with everyone, it's easy to miss it if you don't follow it on its official social media or check the game news. Therefore, we are here for you show how to do it.

First, the serial code has been shared with their official Facebook page, so the first thing to do is take a look there. To be honest, it is suggested to do both as you will be able to see firsthand the upcoming news or any other similar free offers in Disgaea RPG. There's no reason not to be on the lookout for such generous gifts.

If for some reason you're too busy to do this, never fear because you can find the code here: nuWJYU26xH

The serial code includes Nether Quartz (free) x200 and Gate Keys x3. For someone just starting the game, these goodies can really make a difference, so be sure to claim them before the end of April, as they will disappear immediately afterwards.

To claim the code, follow these steps:

  • Go to MENU
  • Select other
  • Choose serial code
  • Type the serial code
  • Claim the goodies won in your mailbox
  • Enjoy!

And that's how you can get your hands on this free and exclusive code from Boltrend Games themselves. For anything else related to the game, be sure to check out their official app page.

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