Drake Hollow - How and Where to Get Glowstone Shards

Drake Hollow is full of useful and important crafting items, but few are as important as the Glowstone Shard. These purple crystals are used to craft a ton of vital resources and tools. The game tasks you with finding some of them to progress, but doesn't fully guide you to where they are. To help you out, here's how and where to get Glowstone Shards in Drake Hollow.

How and Where to Get Glowstone Shards

If you stare at a glowstone shard long enough, you might find the answer to this important question for yourself. Shining a bright purple, the crafting material must be something from the world of Drake Hollow. If you've explored a bit you should have an idea of ​​the place. The answer is all those big purple crystals you keep passing.

Each map is a little different, so we can't tell you exactly where to go. However, Glowstone can be found everywhere in the game. Search houses or forests, check on rooftops or in hard-to-reach areas. Look for the large purple crystal formations you can see above, then walk towards them and hit them to collect the valuable items inside. Each large crystal should drop a few glowstone shards for you to pick up and use, so try to catch as many of them as possible. You definitely don't want to have to hunt these things down in a pinch.

Here's how and where to find Glowstone Fragments in Drake Hollow. Using this knowledge, you should start building a few habits as you explore, gathering resources along the way. Finding and harvesting these should be one of the most frequent activities, so get used to hitting purple crystals everywhere you go.

– This article was last updated on: August 28, 2022

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