Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance – How to Play Online

While Donjons & Dragons : Dark Alliance can be played in its entirety single-player, it's clear that the adventure was created to be experienced in a online environment with players around the world or your friends. It's nice to take down waves of enemies with your character of choice, hacking and slashing your way as you level up and loot, but nothing beats good old co-op gameplay. Even the stages and enemies have been designed for online multiplayer and since you can have a party of up to four players at a time, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. Below we will see how you can actually go online and play with your friends or random people.

How to Access Online Multiplayer in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

When you begin your adventure, like literally the moment you enter your main base, you will be able to see a pop-up message on the left side of the screen. It mentions that you are currently offline, if indeed you are, and it will show you what to press to access an online session. The button varies depending on your platform, but if we're using Xbox for example, you'll need to hold down the "show" button for a few seconds, and the "Session" window will appear.

From there, you have two options. You can create a custom game for your friends, or for anyone to join while you play, choose your custom criteria and requirements, and wait for someone to get started. If you just want to jump into an online session, click 'Quick Play' and the matchmaking process will begin. The game itself will search for matches that are close to your progress, level, and other unknown criteria, and launch you into a match as soon as it finds one available.

Alternatively, you can do the same process by going to the main menu and clicking on the respective options again. You can even invite friends directly from there, so if your friends are also playing Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, feel free to create a party with all of them, sit back, relax and start collecting loot .

Donjons & Dragons : Dark Alliance is available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. For more related content on the game, be sure to check out the rest of our guides here.

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