Dying Light Update 1.36 Patch Notes

1.36 update arrived for Dying light, and here is the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

Dying Light is certainly getting hotter by the day, with the upcoming release of Dying Light 2, and even so Techland hasn't stayed put as far as the first installment goes. The new 1.36 update is coming today, with lots of new content and a major patch that adds a new story to Hellraid mode. New areas to discover, enemies to face and of course, mysteries to solve. The team has already announced that there will be more content coming to Hellraid, so Dying Light is far from over. Check it all out below, in the official patch notes list.

Dying Light Update 1.36 Patch Notes

  • We've added story mode to Hellraid
  • Players can now choose between story mode and raid mode when entering Hellraid
  • We have introduced a new Hellraid Rank: Winner
  • We added new sounds and animations
  • Level outlines now appear on the minimap
  • We've added new weapons: a bow (in story mode) and a two-handed hammer, as well as a stamina potion
  • Players will now encounter a new enemy: a skeleton with a large shield
  • Players no longer need to stow and retrieve gear when entering and leaving Hellraid
  • Balance and visual changes
  • Minor adjustments and bug fixes

Dying light is available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Check the official site right here.

– This article was last updated on: June 7, 2022

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