Escape From Tarkov - How To Extract

Raids in Escape From Tarkov are incredibly stressful, but knowing how to get out safely can help relieve some of the tension. If you are a new player, however, you may not fully understand the extraction process, but once you do, you can plan your moves and strategies around your desired extraction point and get away with it. soft loot much more often.

How to extract in Escape From Tarkov

Each raid in EFT lasts only for a predetermined duration. If you fail to extract before the timer runs out, you will lose everything you collected during that run. You'll want to keep an eye on this timer throughout your raids, and you can do so by pressing the O key.

However, pressing the O key twice brings up a list of extraction points along with the time remaining in the raid. Some of these extraction points have question marks next to them and some don't. If a mining point does not have a question mark next to it, it is a guaranteed mining point. There are no special requirements or prerequisites for these, all you have to do to start the mining process is to achieve them. A mining timer will appear on the screen and once it runs out you will be home for free.

If the extraction point has question marks next to it, then it's a bit trickier than your normal extraction point. These extractions have unique properties. Some of them require special items such as keys, and others cannot be used if other players have them before you. These can provide an easy way out of a raid if you play your cards right, but you also run the risk of arriving and not being able to use them.

Learning extraction points in EFT will take a lot of time and experience, but it's necessary information if you want to get out of a raid with whatever cool gear you find. To help you navigate to an exit, check out our guide to finding maps.

– This article was last updated on: 7 2022

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