Evil Genius 2: How to Increase Security

Evil Genius 2: How to Increase Security

Your lair in Evil Genius 2 require Safety if you plan to thwart the various incursions of the Forces of Justice. You'll need guards and an armory, but setting up your security won't take too long in the early game. You don't want to ignore it, but even a handful of cameras can mean the difference between stopping enemy agents in their tracks and allowing them to sabotage your entire lair.

Increase security in Evil Genius 2 by building an armory.

The Armory in Evil Genius 2 is the source of all your security needs, though you won't be able to craft one until the back half of the tutorial. The Armory is where your guards will rest and wait for intruders, although there is a trick or two to using this room effectively.

First of all, the Armory is where you can build Security Offices, which allow you to place cameras in your lair. Each desk supports three cameras, so if you want more cameras, you'll need more security posts. These can be occupied by servants, but you can also select each office and change it to guards only.

Security cameras are just the first step to securing your lair in Evil Genius 2. The second part comes from the guard table, where guards sit until a camera spots an enemy. Guards at the table will automatically deploy when a camera is alerted to an agent or investigator, compared to guards wondering who will only stop an enemy after seeing them.

A good rule of thumb is to keep a “Guard Room” arsenal near your key entrances and locations to ensure there are guards nearby if someone trips a camera planted in the area. This will save you time and minimize the damage an agent can cause before they are apprehended or eliminated.

To further strengthen your security in Evil Genius 2, be sure to research the Advanced Guard Table in the Hideout tab of the Research menu, and the various weapons in the Minions tab (prioritize the one that suits your style of play). game, although capturing may lead to more Intel). Weapon racks need to go to an armory, so be sure to create enough space for about two of the latest upgrades to ensure your guards are properly equipped.

I want to note that the Advanced Guard Post in the Hideout tab of the Research menu isn't a terrible choice, but works best when A.) your guards are armed, and B.) around critical areas you can't not install an armory near. Don't sleep on them, but understand that they are no substitute for a well-placed armory.

Evil Genius 2 is available on March 30 on PC.

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