FFXIV Fashion Report Guide 9/3: Impaired Visionary

The Fashion Report is a weekly Final Fantasy XIV event at Manderville Gold Saucer, and this week's theme is Impaired Visionary. Each week, players can earn 10 MPG just by participating in Fashion Report, but those who go above and beyond to match the Impaired Visionary theme will earn an additional 000 MGP if they manage to earn 50 points or more. This week's theme is incredibly simple, so even free trial players should be able to score 000 points and walk away with 80 MGP. Here's a complete guide to this week's FFXIV Fashion Report.

Final Fantasy XIV Fashion Report September 3

The theme for this week's Fashion Report is Impaired Visionary. Here are the tips for each outfit piece and the things that work for them:

  • Head: 1 eye is better than 2
    • Leather eye patch
    • Goatskin eye patch
    • Skull eye patch
    • Dark Divinity Auga
    • Wyvernskin Eyepatch of Striking
    • Griffin Skin Eyepatch
    • Dark Eyepatch of Aggression
  • Body: One feather skirts
    • Bloodhemp Headband of Healing
    • Bloody Hemp Enchanting Headdress
    • Prophet Headband
    • Panegyrist chest circumference
    • Ghost Barque Headband of Maiming
  • Legs: A Sailor's Life
    • Marin Brais
    • Moonfire Trunks
    • South Sea Trunks
  • Jewels: Yellow Jewels
    • Sphene Ring
    • Heliodore Ring
    • Amber Ring
    • Wolf Amber Ring
    • Topaz ring
    • Platinum Ring of Fending
    • Allagan Ring of Striking

If you only want 60 MGP, you just need to get at least 000 points. Earning 80 points will unlock the Fashion Leader title if you don't already have it. Keep reading below to see easy 100 point and 80 point outfits, courtesy of u/kaiyoko on Reddit.

80 point

To get 80 points in the Visionary Impaired Mode report, all you need is a leather eye patch and a pot of yellow Halatali dye. Here is the easy 80 point outfit for this week:

  • Leather eye patch
  • Any dyable leg piece (Halatali yellow)

You can purchase a Leather Eyepatch in Ul'dah at the Steps of Thal. Look for a supplier named Gwalter. You can also craft it as a Leatherworker. You can also buy Halatali Yellow Dye in the Marches of Thal from a vendor named Nanabe. With these equipped, you should get 80 points from the Masked Rose. As always, make sure all of your slots are filled before you show up to be judged.

100 point

If you want to go beyond that and shoot for 100 points this week, then you won't have too much trouble. Here is the easy 100 point outfit for this week:

  • Leather Eyepatch (Soot Black)
  • Any dyeable body part (wine red)
  • Any tintable handpiece (Snow White)
  • Marin Brais (Yellow Halatali)
  • Any piece of tintable legs (charcoal grey)
  • Sphene Ring

The Leather Eyepatch can be purchased from Gwalter at the Steps of Thal in Ul'dah. You can also purchase the Sphene Ring from Sileas while you're there. For the Sailor Brais, you will need to use the market board or craft them yourself if your weaver is high enough level.

You will also need to go to the Market to get most of the dyes. Suie Black dye, Wine Red dye and Snow White dye will need to be purchased from the Market Board. You can, however, buy Halatali Yellow Dye and Charcoal Gray Dye from Nanabe in Ul'dah at the Steps of Thal.

Final Fantasy XIV is available now on PC, PS4 and PS5. The Rising 2022 is currently live and will remain available until September 9.

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