FFXIV - How to Unlock the Castrum Marinum Emerald Weapon Trial

Ah, Emerald Weapon: you were a pain in the ass in Final Fantasy 7, and now you're in Final Fantasy 14. Those who can't wait to beat this iconic Final Fantasy boss will be pleased to hear that he's been added in patch 5.4, but there's work to be done before you can fight this underwater nightmare in Castrum Marinum.

The Emerald Weapon is unlocked in the final Sorrow of Werlyt quest in Final Fantasy 14.

For players keeping track, the Sorrow of Werlyt quest chain that began in patch 5.2 has so far pitted us against Ruby and Sapphire Weapon. Although it will still be some time before you fight Diamond, Emerald Weapon is the last trial as of patch 5.4.

To unlock Emerald Weapon, you must first complete the previous two chapters of Sorrow of Werlyt, ending with “Now Sleep in Sapphire”. While Sapphire Weapon was a solo instance, Ruby Weapon remains a group trial. Normal mode is pretty easy to clear with randoms, but expect your queue to take a while if you're not a healer or tank. You will need to be at least item level 485 to queue for the trial (predefined groups can circumvent this limitation).

Once you have completed “Now Sleep in Sapphire”, the next quest will be available at Resistance Officer Lakes (X:11,3 Y:22,5). Speak with them to start "Blood of Emerald", which will lead directly to the Emerald Weapon Castrum Marinum trial in Final Fantasy 14.

Those looking to unlock Emerald Weapon Extreme (AKA Castrum Marinum Extreme) will first need to complete the normal trial which is attached to the Sorrow of Werlyt questline and its final quest. Once done, they can speak with the Warmachina Fanatic in the Lochs (X: 11,5 Y: 22,5) to gain access to the Extreme trial. An item level of 500 is required to queue into combat, but can be skipped with a full party pre-created. Totem rewards can be redeemed in Mor Dhona at NPC C'intana (X: 22,7 Y: 6,7).

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