FIFA 1.13 Update 22 Patch Notes (PlayStation & Xbox) Damian Seeto | October 26, 2022 Second Title Update

Update 1.13 has arrived for FIFA 22, and here is the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

The second major title update will soon be on the way to the console versions of FIFA 22 later today. This new update will be available for owners of PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. PC and Google Stadia owners received this same update a few days ago already.

This update includes major changes to the many game modes. Affected game modes include FUT, VOLTA Football, Career Mode and more. Several other gameplay changes have also been made in this new patch.

You can read the full FIFA 22 patch notes below.

FIFA 1.13 Update 22 Patch Notes (PlayStation & Xbox)

FIFA Ultimate Team

Make the following changes:

  • The kick order of penalty shootouts will now be decided by the penalty attribute.
    • When players share the same Penalty Attribute, the Shot Power and Finishing Attributes will be used to determine the order.
  • After completing the FUT Champions Finals competition and qualifying for another while the existing competition is still active, the FUT Champions Finals UI will now notify players that they cannot requalify for the existing competition.
  • When qualifying for the FUT Champions Finals, a new post-match screen will appear informing players of the qualification.

Fixed the following issues:

  • The win streak UI indicator was not appearing after winning two Division Rivals matches in a row. It was just a visual issue.
  • On rare occasions, a Division Rivals match could incorrectly start with an inactivity pop-up message appearing and remaining on screen.
  • Some kits may conflict with the referee's kit during matches.
  • The FUT Champions Finals progress window was not showing a check mark next to the Rank I indicator after reaching it. It was just a visual issue.
  • When reaching a new stage in Division Rivals, post-game screens were not highlighting the new stage. It was just a visual issue.
  • In Squad Battles, the opponent selection screen was showing a blank space next to the selected opponent's rating and chemistry.
  • When obtaining a new rank in Squad Battles, the post-match screen was not showing the updated visual indicator for the rank. It was just a visual issue.
  • When claiming FUT Champions Finals rewards, a pop-up message indicating that the event is over will appear on the rewards animation.
  • [Stadia only] Matches against CPU AI did not count towards Stadia's games played counter.
  • Tifos in the background were not always displayed correctly.
  • Some placeholder visuals were present on the FUT Friendlies screen.


Make the following changes:

  • Reduced the effectiveness of AI-controlled players blocking passes and lob crosses.
    • Specifically, AI-controlled players could previously stretch too far when attempting to block passes and lob crosses.
  • CPU AI teams are now more likely to foul in matches played on Semi-Pro difficulty and above.
    • This change does not apply to matches played with Competitor Mode enabled.

Fixed the following issues:

  • [PC only] Addressed some instances of visual stutter occurring after performing skill moves during matches.
  • When asking for a finesse shot, the ball carrier could sometimes go out of their way to take it with their dominant foot.
  • The outside kick trait was not working properly.
  • When two players make contact with the ball at the same time, the ball can sometimes inadvertently fly high in the air.
  • When trying to protect the ball during a throw-in, the ball carrier could sometimes move erratically.
  • In a rare situation, a player could disappear from the pitch during a match.
  • On rare occasions, the referee could mistakenly call for a free kick inside the penalty area instead of a free kick.
  • The auto-switch drive setting did not always work correctly.
  • In Professional Club and Player Career matches, the set piece specialist advantage was not working during free kicks and penalty kicks.
  • The goalkeepers might have unintentionally taken a goal kick all over the pitch.
  • When tackled inside the penalty area, the ball could sometimes unintentionally move towards the defender's goal.
  • When calling a player short from a corner kick, the called player could sometimes perform unnecessary player humanization gestures.
  • When trying to turn while sprinting, the ball carrier could sometimes miss a touch of the ball.

Career mode

Make the following changes:

  • Added news scenes for UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League draws.
  • Adjusted player career goal selection logic to account for the difficulty of some goals.
  • Moved the unavailable player(s) popup message so that it can appear during the pre-match stream instead of the career mode hub.

Fixed the following issues:

  • The Youth Academy players could disappear at the start of the second season.
  • Sometimes a player's match form may drop incorrectly after completing a match they were substituted for.
  • In a rare situation when coming on as a substitute in a player's career, both teams could be positioned in the same half at a kick-off.
  • A young player's potential could wrongfully diminish if he is signed to the senior team towards the end of a season, with no games left to play.
  • In Player Career, too similar match objectives could appear inadvertently.
  • In Player Career, OVRs could incorrectly display multiple values ​​in different menus.
  • Post-match interview audio could be corrupted when the Disable all music for streaming setting was enabled.
  • Exercise names could appear in incorrect places on the user interface.
  • The Squad Hub could remain scrolling even when a pop-up message appeared on screen.
  • When attempting to remove a player in the Squad Hub, the affected player was the one displayed in the preview panel instead of the highlighted player.
  • Some international matches were not displayed on the schedule.
  • The player performance screen was not always displaying 2D portraits.
  • In Player Career, the created Pro was unintentionally not selected for some National Team matches.
  • A placeholder menu was incorrectly visible when entering game settings during a match.
  • When simulating a match quickly, yellow and red cards could appear green on the UI.


Make the following changes:

  • When searching for a match in VOLTA SQUADS, the Objectives widget is now present on the right side instead of an Avatar's information.
  • Lengthened the duration of the up and down arrows on the VOLTA ARCADE results screen and moved them to the left, to improve clarity.
  • When browsing the store or customizing an avatar, the avatar's entire outfit will be displayed instead of the camera zooming in on a specific item of clothing.
  • When completing a VOLTA ARCADE Tournament and upgrading the Avatar, the post-tournament screen will now separately display the amount of VOLTA COINS earned from leveling and Tournament, respectively.
    • As a result, players can now cycle through this UI element, but will no longer be able to highlight individual avatars.

Fixed the following issues:

  • The VOLTA ARCADE timer was sometimes displaying an inaccurate duration. It was just a visual issue.
  • The entire lobby could inadvertently disband when the captain canceled matchmaking.
  • During matches, controller vibration may unintentionally persist.
  • When attempting matchmaking while matchmaking was disabled, players could see an incorrect pop-up message.
  • A green arrow indicator may display in the incorrect location on a post-game screen.
  • In VOLTA ARCADE, an incorrect badge could appear next to the Avatar's name.
  • Menu narration did not always work properly.
  • The Welcome To VOLTA ARCADE screen may take longer than expected to display.
  • The Select Signing Capability screen did not display a title or general summary.
  • The Avatar widget may overlap other user interface elements.
  • The player list pause menu option was missing a visual indicator.
  • Store tiles may take longer than expected.
  • Both teams' AI players had white player flags.
  • During goal celebrations, Avatars could incorrectly move through walls.

Professional clubs

Make the following change:

  • Added the option to toggle the appearance of player performance in the game UI.
    • This option can be found in the Visual tab of Game Settings when paused during a match.
  • Added option to adjust perk activation audio level.
    • This option can be found in the Audio tab of game settings when paused during a match.

Fixed the following issues:

  • Sometimes menus could run at a slower speed than expected.
  • Some players might have seen different kits than those selected by the captain in the pre-match feed.
  • The threat indicator could move incorrectly on the terrain.
  • The Player of the Match overlay was incorrectly showing as empty.
  • Player names were not aligned correctly on the Club Tactics screen.

General, audio and visual

Make the following changes:

  • Updated some kits, celebrations, broadcast packages, stadiums, 2D player images, pre-game scenes, UI text formatting, UI elements, billboards, comment lines, transitions, crowd chants and hymns.
  • Added ability to perform JUL Celebration to other players.

Fixed the following issues:

  • Made improvements to visual fidelity in certain situations on Xbox Series S.
    • We will continue to monitor this in the future.
  • [PS5 and XSX|S only] During penalties, light colored hair may unintentionally appear as dark colored hair
  • Fixed cases of overlapping, errors, lack of visual clarity, and placeholder text appearing in some menus.
  • Fixed instances of blurry UI elements.
  • Addressed a rare stability issue that could occur during matches.
  • When trying to view an EATV video from the main menu in full screen, the transition effect was displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed other cases where player models were not sized correctly when spawning in certain parts of the UI.
  • EATV videos could autoplay even when the EA SPORTS News autoplay option was disabled.
  • Some beard options were not displaying when customizing Avatars, Virtual Pros, and Managers.
  • Items in the main menu background could sometimes appear corrupted.
  • Updated the visual composure indicator found in modes with skill trees.
  • [Stadia only] Matches against CPU AI did not count towards Stadia's games played counter.

The information provided above originally comes from the official EA Sports FIFA Forums. FIFA 22 is now available for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Google Stadia platforms.

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