FIFA 22: how to level up fast

Rewards for earned XP are key to getting the most out of FIFA 22, regardless of game mode, so you'll want to level up quickly this season. You can get player and coin bonuses every season on FUT to level up, and you can get fancy new gear in Volta mode. Here we break down what you need to do in each game mode to level up and earn your rewards.

How to Level Up Fast in FUT

FUT is FIFA's most popular game mode, and new players will need to know how to level up quickly to make the most of each season's bonuses. Of course, the most obvious and easiest way to level up is to win matches and complete the criteria found in the Objectives tab. Here you'll find daily, weekly, and season-long challenges that offer valuable XP.

You don't need to win all of your matches, but you do need to score. You will therefore have to really master your objective before you can accumulate experience points. You will get regular rewards for your goals, but of course winning will provide more bonuses. You can track your progress and the prizes you receive in the Season Progress tab in the Objectives menu.

How to Level Up Fast in Volta

Much like FUT, Volta in FIFA 22 operates on a system of seasonal rewards and experience, so leveling up quickly is imperative. Weekly Objectives are your go-to source of XP here, so you want to make sure you complete all of the Objectives every week to maximize XP growth.

You can also receive bonus XP points by completing Volta battles. Here you will find more weekly challenges, but it will be matches against AI teams for extra points this time. The trick here is to set the difficulty so that it's high enough to earn as many points as possible for your skill level, but not so hard as never winning games and consistently losing bonuses.

How To Level Up Fast In Pro Clubs

As with all other game modes, having as many matches under your belt as possible is vital in professional clubs. You'll receive bonus points for shots, tackles, saves, and other in-game actions after each game, so try to get involved as much as possible to earn XP quickly. In this game mode, your level will affect the gameplay perks you have access to, so you'll have to put in the hours to make your player the best you can be.

If you're smart and have a group of friends who play pro clubs, you can level up even faster by letting your friendly opponents shoot unlimited shots so you can do the same in second half time. Still, League and Cup matches will offer more XP than any friendly match due to their high stakes, so try to play a decent amount of both in equal measure.

With these tips, you should know what you need to do to increase your level fast in FIFA 22. That is, faster than others, because it will still take a few hours of work and game time to reach the level cap on each of these game modes. For more guides to EA's newest football simulator, check out our expanding dedicated guides page.

FIFA 22 is available October 1 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and PC.

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