Final Fantasy XIV: How to get the Alte Roite mount

Raids have always been a monumental part of the Final Fantasy XIV experience, allowing players to strategize for fakes in the area with ease while creating memories with their chosen raid partners. Reaping rewards from a completed raid is a feeling unlike many others that can be experienced in the game. Notably, high level raids even see rewards such as mounts for players and this is the case with the Alte Roite mount; a dragon that can be summoned by the player after completing a brutally difficult raid. Fortunately, the reward is worth every second. This guide will walk you through the steps to obtain the Final Fantasy XIV Monture Alte Roite.

How to Unlock Final Fantasy XIV's Alte Roite Mount

The Alte Roite mount is rewarded to the player through an "Alte Roite Prism" which can be used to summon the mount after completing the level 4.0 Deltascape V70 (Savage) raid. To participate in the raid, players players must first have an item level of 320+ just to queue.

Party members will face increasingly difficult battle phases throughout the raid. Being equipped with the best gear possible will be a surefire way to pull off this raid, while communicating effectively with your team and having pre-set strategies ready to use in the background. Once you and your party complete the raid, you will receive the previously mentioned prism and you will receive one of the Final Fantasy XIV large mounts, the Alte Roite.

What other loot can I earn during the raid?

You might be wondering what other reasons there are to take on this level 70 raid, fun will of course be one of them, but there is a large amount of other loot on top of the mount. Players can expect to earn 15 "Allagan Tomestone of Poetics", a "Deltascape datalog v4.0", and you can also earn Genji weapons, armor, and other miscellaneous items.

Players can additionally earn a "Wind-up Exdeath" minion for use in the game world after defeating the final boss and searching the chest for it. This particular minion will engage in adorable battles with the turtle minion “Ghido”.

What is the tradition of Mount Alte Roite?

The mount itself is based on a dragon and the name is actually based on "Alte leute", which means "old people" in German. It has many connotations related to Final Fantasy in the past, the dragon was named after a wizard called Alte Roite who could transform into a dragon at any time.

Final Fantasy XIV is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5.

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