Five Nights At Freddy's: Security Breach - How To Find All Freddy And Flashlight Upgrades

Tired of running out of energy? You have two resources that need constant recharging in Five Nights At Freddy's: Security Breach – your flash light, and Freddy Fazbear himself. Both run on limited batteries, and each needs its own power source to restore itself. Once you run out, you're out of luck. But there are ways to upgrade both. There are five upgrades in total for these two items, and you can significantly increase your loadout for your Flashlight and Freddy if you find them all. They are also easy to obtain! There's literally no reason to miss them and unlocking +40% more time to hide inside Freddy Fazbear is basically a godsend.

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All Freddy Fazbear and Flashlight Upgrade Locations

These rare gifts contain upgrades that extend the charge of your flashlight and Freddy Fazbear.

Freddy Upgrade #1: Atrium - On the first floor of the Atrium, drop down to the save station in the southwest corner, near the open vent and "Salads & Sides" restaurant. Near the save station, there is a table with a gift containing this upgrade.

Upgrade Freddy #2: Roxy's Raceway - Access the series of garages accessible from the large shutters at the south end of the large main room in the cableway. Enter the shutter on the westernmost shutter and enter the red door. Then check the back left corner. The gift is on the ground.

#1 Flashlight Upgrade: Rockstar Row – From Rockstar Row, you can access the Backstage area rehearsal room through the door near Chica's room. Follow the path inside to enter the large rehearsal room - the gift is in the rear left double doors.

Flashlight Upgrade #2: Daycare – Only available when inside the daycare play area during the Moon encounter. Easiest to collect during the Moondrop game. Run to the brown colored tower connected to the ball pool. At the top you will find a gift containing this upgrade.

#3 Upgrade Flashlight: Monty's Golf - In the Monty's Golf area, go to the Monty Grub restaurant and enter the kitchen. There is a rear door leading to a long maintenance hallway. Go all the way and reach a small room guarded by a solo security robot. The present is near the monitors.

That's all energy upgrades! You can also find the hoodie to increase your stealth, or the Fizzy Faz upgrades to give you more stamina. See the links above for all the details.

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