Five Nights At Freddy's: Security Breach Walkthrough | Price counter and find Freddy

Escape is the best prize of all.

It's time for another "hour" of exploration in the massive entertainment complex where Five Nights At Freddy's: Security Breach takes place. At this point in the story, there is a fork in the road. There are two locations you can explore – and you just have to do one. You can explore the loading dock or wander around the prize counter. For the purposes of this guide, we are going to the price counter, so bring all your arcade tickets.

This hour also features the first true FNaF Security room sequence. These sections play exactly like the original games in the series. Trapped in a security room, you must protect yourself by watching the camera feeds and closing the doors. When doors are closed, they drain power – the more doors that are closed, the more power is drained. We will offer you tips and detailed instructions to survive every stage of this mission. This is when the game becomes much more difficult.

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Walkthrough | 1:00 to 2:00

After taking the elevator from the lobby you will get two missions – you can do either mission, but it might be a good idea to just do Both. The story branches out here, and time will advance after completing one of these branches. You will also get the " Free map“mission – grab the map from a host bot once you enter the huge hub room of the pizzeria to complete the quest.

Mission: Price Counter

To start here, go to third floor to the right of the elevators, then continue to the right until Restaurant. Exit through the door to reach the East Arcade. We have to reach the security office.

Harceleur: Roxanne patrol the East Arcade room. The room is also filled with security robots. If caught, immediately hide in a stroller or other hiding place. Roxanne will instantly teleport to your location.

The Security Office is locked. You need one Level 4 security key card — to enter, check your card — the security desk is on the right as you enter. Instead, go south and find the bright white line. This is a vent you can use to crawl through without using a map.

To safely cross this room, go through the toilets (watch out for the security robot) then exit through the south door. Hide in the trash can and wait for Roxanne to come back to the safe room. Once she returns to the north side, you can safely sneak up to the vent.

JUMPSCARE WARNING: Once you enter the vent, a scary robot will appear and chase you! Sprint while crawling through the vent to escape. You will come out in the Security room.

Security Room Sequence

In the security room, immediately save your game. Before, you will have to complete your first Security Room Sequence. Like in the FNaF original, you have to keep the doors locked while the animatronics try to enter. Doors have limited power and they consume power when closed. To survive you only need to close the doors to block the animatronics and keep them open when no one is around.

  • Basically sit in the safe room with both doors open. Check the cameras for incoming animatronics, then close the door before they can enter.
  • After closing a door, the animatronic will knock on the door. When the snapping stops, it means they've moved away – open the door when the clicking stops to save power.
  • To make this easier, you can ignore the cameras and just wait inside the safe room until an animatronic comes to the door. They won't be back right away, so you have time to close it.

When you're ready, take the Security level 2 badge to start the sequence. You will have to last 4 minutes. You must keep at least one door open for a while – you can keep a door closed for most of the sequence and still move on. With the Security level 2 badge, we can reach the Emergency stairs, in the VIP room du price counter region. Do you have all that?

Tracker: Montgomery – Then exit through the Security level 2 door - Be careful! Montgomery patrols the reserve. Just go through the right door around the price counter. Wait for him to look away and sneak away.

Stalker: Roxanne – Roxanne is waiting in the Price Counter Room. Roxanne will appear when you enter. You must reach the door behind the elevator to the to the left (when you enter) to reach the VIP room. Right next to the door there is a trash can you can hide in, And a Save Station just through the door. Hide and check its location, then sneak to the save station.

Sneak into the bubble-shaped room (this is the VIP room) and upon entering, go left. There is a stroller you can hide in this path. Watch for Roxy and sneak to the other side. There is a red emergency door in the adjacent hallway — that's your goal.

WARNING: Animatronics can pass the doors! If they see you on the other side of a door, they can slip through.

Go to the red doors to complete the mission. Not exactly a big emergency exit is an understatement.

Mission: find Freddy

After finding the red doors, Roxy will appear! At once hide in the gray bin to the right of the emergency exit. To escape, you must backtrack through the VIP room and back to price counter. Use the elevator to escape. I recommend that you return to the save station (at the entrance to the VIP room) and then run to the elevator to escape.

Nothing to interact with. Run to the elevator doors and they will open. But, that annoying security guard is finally catching up with you. You are trapped in the lost found.

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