Fortnite Ferrari locations: Where to find a Ferrari 296 GTB

The Ferrari 296 GTB was added to Fortnite in the latest update, and there's a new set of challenges associated with the car. Before you can start the Fortnite Ferrari challenges, you'll need to find one. Fortunately, they are not as rare as in real life. Ferraris can be found all over the Fortnite map, but you'll have a better chance of finding one if you look in the right places. Be sure to hurry, as several other players will be racing to find these cars first so they can complete the quests on their own. Here's where you can find a Ferrari in Fortnite.

Emplacements Fortnite Ferrari

The Ferrari 296 GTB has replaced the Whiplash since the last update, so you can find the car all over the island. Here is a map of all possible Ferrari locations in Fortnite:

The best places to find a Ferrari in Fortnite are Lazy Lake and Believer Beach. Like all other cars, the Ferrari is not guaranteed to spawn in any of the locations pictured above. It shouldn't be too hard to find, but the car may not show up at all if you visit one of the locations marked on the map. Other players might also take the car before you arrive, as everyone tries to complete the new Ferrari challenges.

It's unclear how long the Ferrari cars will remain in the game, but since they're tied to the Week 7 Epic Quests, it looks like they'll be staying in Fortnite for the foreseeable future. Besides cars, there are also a few new Ferrari cosmetics in the Fortnite Item Shop. There are two new skins and a Ferrari-themed back bling available for purchase. They're bundled for 1 V-Bucks, but you can also grab the items separately.

Once you find a Ferrari, you can embark on one of the many week 7 quests involving the vehicle. There are time trials to complete, and you'll need to reach top speed in the car and drive it through the storm at some point. There are other Week 7 quests to complete that also don't involve the Ferarri, like defeating Riot or building a wooden hatchery.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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