Fortnite - How To Use Weapon Gradient

Fortnite has just released its recent Winterfest event, but Epic Games is not just sitting and waiting for a while to update the game. Instead, they have now released the latest v11.40 update which made some changes to the Battle Royale mode. The biggest change was the addition of the new feature called Sidegrading and this guide will explain what it is and how you can use it in matches.

How To Use Weapon Gradient

Weapon Sidegrading is a brand new feature in Fortnite that allows you to take your Assault Rifles that you find and have in your possession and upgrade them to Heavy Assault Rifles. This gives players an obvious upgrade, so it's important to know how to pull it off.

If you want to upgrade your weapons, you need to find a weapon upgrade bench on the map as shown in the image above and open it to see what materials you need to upgrade your assault rifle into a heavy assault rifle. If you don't have the necessary supplies at this point, go find them on the map and return to a weapon upgrade bench again.

Once you have the necessary supplies you can open this menu on the weapon upgrade bench, select the weapon you want to upgrade and you will automatically upgrade your weapon to a heavy assault rifle for use it in battle.

Sidegrading is only supposed to be available in non-competitive playlists, though it has been found in others as of this writing. However, this is an error that will be changed as soon as possible.

– This article was last updated on: 15 2022

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