Fortnite Noah Nelson Hide & Seek Codes List | December 27, 2022 Here are the best Fortnite Hide and Seek codes.

One of the best parts of Fortnite is Creative Mode. The creators are constantly coming up with fun and exciting new game modes and maps to deliver something a little different from the popular Battle Royal. Fortnite Hide and Seek is a great example of this. And in this guide, you will discover the best Fortnite Hide and Seek codes from this list.

Fortnite is one of the oldest Battle Royal games and has just released Chapter 3. In this list, many game modes will have a spooky tinge since the best and most popular hide and seek games have been released somewhat recently. with Halloween and works well with darkness.

List of Fortnite hide and seek codes

Like many other game modes in Fortnite, including the Prophunt Code List, there are so many great maps to try out. In this list, we are going to focus on the best and most popular ones. So, let's move on to the best Fortnite Hide and Seek codes list.

Hide and seek (Christmas themed)

Code: ‭2137-7520-1857

To enjoy the holiday spirit while it lasts, Hide and Seek (Christmas themed) is one of the best classic hide and seek games in Fortnite. There are several areas to hide in this winter wonderland. The game starts with 2 seekers and 12 hiders, which makes for a good time.

scary park

Code: ‭4350-5340-9940

Creepy Park is a classic Fortnite hide-and-seek map that works great even outside of Halloween. It starts by giving the hiders 30 seconds to hide, and once everyone is ready (or not), the seekers have 9 minutes to find them all.

lost lodge

Code: ‭5717-5217-5108

One of the coolest hide and seek games in Fortnite is Lost Lodge. This one also has a spooky atmosphere and works more like Hide and Seek meets Infected. Once a hider has been found, they then become one of the seekers making this game faster. It also allows everyone to have fun instead of being seated first if spotted early.

Infection – Zone Rush !

Code: ‭3334-0292-0878

On the subject of the Infected, Infection – Zone Rush has players hiding and searching in a moving area. The map itself is based on Sweaty Salts from Fortnite Chapter 2, so you get a good mix of old and new. This game mode is truly one of a kind and is gaining more and more popularity.

jurassic hide and seek

Code: ‭0962-7741-2380

Whether you're a hunter or hunted, there are plenty of places to hide in Jurassic Hide 'n Seek. With lush surroundings and scattered dinosaurs, this themed hide and seek is not only extremely fun but also beautiful.

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