Forza Horizon 5: How to unlock the best car in the game for free | Guide to Koenigsegg Jesko

If you need speed, then the Koenigsegg Jesko is the ride you want to unlock ASAP. Forza Horizon 5. This super-fast vehicle is a throwback wonder from Forza Horizon 4, where it was also considered one of the fastest (if not THE fastest) vehicles in the game. Normally you'll have to buy this hyper car for 2 credits in the Auto Show. If that's too expensive for you – and seriously, how could it not be – there's an optional way to unlock that car completely for free. No strings attached.

And getting it is not even particularly difficult. You will need to complete a full form Skyline story, but there are plenty floating around each outpost region. All in all, you can earn the best vehicle (so far) in just a few hours of gameplay, and without having to waste all your precious cash. You can save your money for later tinkering and push the Koenigsegg Jesko ever further to the outer limits of ultra speed.

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How To Unlock The Koenigsegg Jesko | fastest car in the game

Through the Car collection menu, we can quickly see all the different ways you can unlock the Koenigsegg Jesko just by selecting it. There are three displayed ways; buy it through the Automobile exhibition, RoueSpin drop, or by earning a distinction called Unrealistic cinemas.

  • How to Unlock Cinema Unrealistic Accolade: To unlock this distinction, you must unlock 3 stars on all chapters of V10.

The History V10 is available in the horizon low outpost. To earn this distinction, you must obtain 3 stars in all chapters. In this story, you are a stuntman for a big movie. There are 11 chapters and you will have to do your best, but they are not too difficult. There are so many things to do in the game, it might take a while before you get into this challenge. If you want to start driving fast as soon as possible, this is where you'll want to go.

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