Genshin Impact Barbara Hangout Event Memories: How to Unlock All Endings

A Hangout event in Genshin impact is your chance to relax with your favorite characters, such as Barbara, the healing deaconess of the Church of Favonius. Barbara has 5 different endings (also called "Hangout Memories") available in her Hangout Event, and some are a little harder to access than others.

Genshin Impact: How to Unlock Barbara Hangout Event Ending

That's where this guide comes in: there are rewards for each of Barbara's Hangout event endings in Genshin Impact, so while you might want to strive for the happiest outcome, it doesn't hurt to see the other Hangout Memories on repeat.

I'll avoid spoilers as best I can, but they can't be avoided entirely due to the nature of this guide. If you want to stay intact, close this article and participate in Barbara's Hangout on your own, then come back when you're ready to browse the Hangouts Memories you just want to eliminate for the rewards. Speaking of . . . .

Barbara Hangout Event Completion Rewards

  • Get 1 Hangout 1 memory
    • 100 Adventure EXP, 20 Primogems, 3 Freedom Guide
  • Obtain 2 Hangout Memories
    • 100 Adventure EXP, 5 Hero Spirit, 3 Varunada Lazurite Shards
  • Obtain 3 Hangout Memories
    • 100 Adventure EXP, 20 Primogems, 5 Spicy Stew
  • Obtain 4 Hangout Memories
    • 100 Adventure EXP, 5 Hero Spirit, 3 Varunada Lazurite Shards
  • Obtain 5 Hangout Memories
    • 100 Adventure EXP, 20 Primogems

Memories of events Barbara

Alright, that's your last warning about spoilers for Barbara's Hangout event. From now on, I will detail what you need to do to see his five Hangout event memories in Genshin Impact (again, these are the endings). The steps named in quotes are areas of the flowchart where you can explicitly restart the Hangout event (by clicking on Barbara's Event tab; the one you used to unlock the event in the first place).

I'll list the available endings for Barbara's Hangout Event in Genshin Impact from shortest to longest, as many of the later ones depart from choices you made earlier in the story. As a friendly note, some choices end the Hangout event immediately, but a few will simply remove a “heart” from the indicator in the top right. When these are exhausted, the event will end. The choices I have listed will ensure that no results will occur.

So, to start with memory number one:

Barbara Hangout Event Memory 1

  • Once you reach Wolvendom and speak with Barbara, go face Albert.
  • The dialogue choices that matter:
    • “A lot of monsters here…”
    • “I searched for all nearby areas…”
    • “It must have been wolves…”
  • Follow Albert until he stops, then talk to him.
    • Both dialogue options will lead to the end of the first Hangout Event for Barbara.

Barbara Hangout Event Memory 2

  • During the Albert dialog, you will need to choose these options:
    • “Gather more people…”
    • “How can you be sure…”
    • “Do you still hear it…”
  • Return to Barbara and follow her out of Wolvendom.
    • Agree to talk to Sister Victoria for her, otherwise the Hangout will end immediately.
  • Talk to Victoria and clear the cathedral grounds to trigger the next event with Barbara.
    • Select cat tail drink
  • Speak with Victoria again, then head to Cat's Tail to interact with Barbara again.
    • It's next to the Adventurer's Guild Kiosk.
  • Talk to the three fans; try not to lose any hearts.
    • Herman: option on his daughter.
    • Schulz: option on work.
    • Susie: opportunity to be considerate.
      • Essentially, don't choose free time choices.
  • Interact with Barbara, then follow her out of town to trigger the last part of this chain and grab the second ending.

Barbara Hangout Event Memory 3

  • Return to where you picked your drink ("Deaconess's Gratitude").
    • Choose the Chilibrew.
  • Choose to separate.
  • After speaking with Sister Victoria and grabbing the peppers marked at the stone gate, head to the Whispering Woods outside of Mondstadt.
    • Follow the trail and walk through the marked areas until you are taken to Barbara.
  • Agree to fight the treasurers and save the merchant.
    • It's a three-wave fight against basic treasure collectors.
  • Talk to the Caishan, the merchant.
  • Choose the Liyue Chilibrew as a reward for clean ending three.

Barbara Hangout Event Memory 4

  • Go back to the drink selection (“Deaconess's Gratitude”) again.
    • Go back to Chilibrew and choose to stick together.
  • Go to the indicated location in the Whispering Woods, and defeat the Hilichurl there.
  • When the man arrives, threaten him with the Knights of Favonius.
    • He will end up fighting you; kick his ass.
  • After she escapes, Barbara will speak with you and you'll catch ending four.

Barbara Hangout Event Memory 5

  • You have two places you can resume here:
    • "Knight and Deaconess, Ready for Battle" (which led to the Battle of the Treasurer).
      • Choose sweet flowers as a reward.
    • “The Second Chilibrew Ingredient” (where you stayed together to catch sweet flowers).
      • Don't threaten the man with the Knights and help Barbara heal him.
  • Regardless of your route, you'll meet Barbara in the garden outside the Adventurer's Guild HQ to complete five.
    • The first option is the fastest.

And that's how you get all five Barbara Hangout event endings in Genshin Impact. Be sure to collect your rewards for reaching each one, and don't forget to complete your Daily Commissions to get more Story Keys for other Hangout events. You can read the full 1.4 patch notes here if you want to know more.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, and Mobile.

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