Genshin Impact: Electroculus Locations on Seirai Island

Genshin impactThe current 2.1 release from the team has brought to the game not only new enemies, regions, treasures and quests, but also many new Electroculus. That said, and to help you level up the Statues of the Seven of Inazuma as quickly as possible, we are now going to show you where to find all the Electroculus present on the island of Seirai. That's right, all 35.

How to get to Seirai Island

You do not need to complete the last Archon quest in the game to be able to reach Seirai Island, as its only condition to unlock is that players must complete the Liyue chapter of the game. Just summon your Waverider and head south of Inazuma Town, but be aware that much of the area will initially be engulfed in a thunderstorm while still having a heavy electro focus. When you first arrive on the island, focus on finding and unlocking its Statue of Seven before anything else.

To explore the island of Seirai, we advise you to use electro characters like Kujou Sara, Keqing, Fischl and the Raiden Shogun. Using healers like Qiqi and shield-generating characters like Zhongli is also advisable, especially if you plan to literally brave the elements and explore the island amidst the Balethunder effect.

All Electroculus locations on Seirai Island

That said, you can check out the location of all the Electroculus present on Seirai Island below, thanks to Genshin Impact's official interactive map:

To clear the storm present in the area and remove its Balethunder effect, you will need to complete the Seirai Stormchasers quest. Completing the quest will also unlock the Thunder Manifestation boss fight, which is necessary if you plan to upgrade the Electro Shogun and Kujou Sara. You can start the quest by talking to Katheryne on Inazuma's Adventure's Guild. We advise you to complete the quest as quickly as possible since the Electro concentration present in the center of the island is capable of killing any character in a few seconds.

Genshin impact is currently available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, mobile devices and PC.

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