Genshin Impact – How Parametric Transformer Works

Genshin Impact – How Parametric Transformer Works

The Parametric Transformer is the latest gadget added to Genshin impact in version 1.3, and this little device will allow you to randomly convert your materials into different elements. If you've been hoarding arrows, masks, and slimes (oh my), the Parametric Transformer is the perfect device for you. You can easily grab it by completing a short quest in Liyue, and once you do, you're free to use it however you see fit. . . with a plug, of course.

Genshin Impact's Parametric Transformer can only be used every seven days and the results are random.

The Parametric Transformer lets you "transmute" 150 materials into different items, though in traditional Genshin Impact fashion, the loot that comes out at the other end of the process is largely random. You can only put blue-grade weapon ascension materials into the parametric transformer and end up with a handful of green character ascension materials. So far it seems to be best to use low quality materials that you have in bulk, as the parametric transformer has a 7 day cooldown between uses.

Once you've placed your 150 materials, you'll get a final warning to make sure you're absolutely sure these are the items you want to engrave. Then the Parametric Transformer will appear in front of you and you will need to attack the Parametric Transformer with elemental attacks to charge it. Whip a catalyst user to get the job done quickly (sucrose is great for this).

Once the Parametric Transformer is fully charged, you will be able to interact with it to pick up your new items. You'll get a combination of Mora, Character Experience Books, Enhancement Crystals, and Ascension Materials, but it's all random. Don't rely on the parametric transformer as a way to grow what you need. Instead, think of it as a way to burn the shit you've been hoarding (looking at you, mint) for something more useful. Well, I'm hoping for something more useful. . . .

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