Genshin Impact – How to Get the Parametric Transformer

The Parametric Transformer is a new device available from Genshin Impact Version 1.3, and this little treasure allows you to convert your excess ascension gear into something more useful. . . I hope. There's a relatively simple quest you'll need to complete in Liyue if you plan to grab the Parametric Transformer, and it won't take more than fifteen minutes to complete. In short: It is very easy to grab Parametric Transformer in Genshin Impact.

Talk to Lan at the Liyue Adventures Guild to resume the Parametric Transformer quest in Genshin Impact.

If you want to turn your extra materials into things you can potentially use, you'll need the parametric transformer. Just go to Liyue and talk to Lan, who is next to the Adventurer's Guild office. She'll ask you to investigate a supposed treasure in the Lisha area of ​​Liyue, and the first step is a short jaunt to Lisha's waypoint. You'll jump down and hit some Hilichurl Skulls, looting a treasure map in the process.

The map will direct you to the Dunyu Ruins just to the north. The treasure icon itself points to the upper left corner of the runes, where you should notice a set of crumbling walls forming a right angle. I also marked the location in the screenshot above. Teleport to the Statue of the Seven in Lisha and head straight north to slide straight to the location marked on the map.

Once there, you'll find a stack of books on a low wall near a tent (an arrow will point to them). Interact with these to highlight three small orange circles in Dunyu Ruins. Each has treasure to loot, and once you find all three, you'll be prompted to return to Lan in Liyue. Do it and turn in the quest, grab your parametric transformer in the process. That's all we can say about it. All told, the Parametric Transformer quest is one of the easiest to complete in Genshin Impact, so it behooves you to complete it as quickly as possible.

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