Genshin Impact Hu Tao Build: Best Artifacts, Weapons & Team Composition Franklin Bellone Borges | October 29, 2022 Check out the best artifacts, weapons, and team comps for Hu Tao

Hu Tao returns to the second banner Genshin impact's version 2.2, which should debut in just a few days. That said, to celebrate the return of the 77th Director of Funeral Home Wangsheng, here's a guide to a Hu Tao build that will show all your enemies his true power.

Is Hu Tao a support or a DPS?

Hu Tao is an Elemental DPS whose main strength lies in her ability to deal massive and consistent Pyro damage through her Elemental Skill, which allows her to enter her Paramita Papilio state. While in this state, she coats her normal Pyro attacks and increases her overall ATK based on her max HP.

Recommended artifacts for Hu Tao

A Hu Tao build should focus on its strengths, which lie in its HP to ATK conversion, and its ability to deal consistent Pyro damage. That said, we recommend using a Crimson Witch of Flames 4-piece set, which not only increases her Pyro DMG by 15%, but also increases her Overcharged and Burning damage by 40%, and Vaporize and Make smelt by 15%, while increasing his overall Pyro DMG by 7,5% (up to 22,5%) for 10 seconds after using his elemental skill.

Considering that Hu Tao's elemental skills depend on his maximum HP, we recommend using a Sands of Eon HP%. You can check out the best main stats for each artifact below:

  • Flower of Life: MOBILE PHONE%
  • Death Plume: % ATQ
  • Sands of Eon: MOBILE PHONE%
  • Cup of Eonothem: Pyro damage bonus
  • Tiara of logos: CRIT Rate%

We advise you to prioritize the sub-stats: CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG and HP%. It's also essential that you get an amount of at least 50% CRIT Rate and 100% CRIT Damage from Artifacts alone so you can choose his weapon without having to think about said values. Remember that Hu Tao will always have a huge amount of CRIT damage, thanks to his innate trait.

Recommended Hu Tao Weapons

Considering Hu Tao's strengths, her featured weapon, the Staff of Homa, is the best weapon in the game for her since the 5-star polearm not only offers a huge HP boost (20%) but also a Strength and CRIT DMG boost. The weapon is also the ideal weapon for the Hu Tao build shown above. Our second pick would be the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear, which has a CRIT Rate sub-stat, making it easier to hit the ideal 70% CRIT rate. The weapon also allows players to get even more CRIT DMG by using a Circlet of Logos DMG.

On the 4-star weapons side, our primary pick would be the Dragon's Bane polearm, which allows Hu Tao to deal 20% more damage to enemies affected by both Pyro or Hydro. The Battle-Pass Deathmatch exclusive polearm is also a good choice as it provides a good CRIT rate boost. The Dragonbane is the perfect 4-star weapon for the build shown above.

Which talents to prioritize for Hu Tao

Since, as we said above, Hu Tao is a character whose kit focuses on his ability to deal elemental damage by imbuing his normal attacks with Pyro through his elemental skill, it's essential that you focus on increasing his normal attacks and elemental skill. first. But, don't forget, his Elemental Burst is also a vital part of his kit and is capable of dealing massive damage. You can obtain Hu Tao's Talent Level Up materials from the Taishan Mansion estate, located on Jueyun Karst, on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

Best team compositions for Hu Tao

Hu Tao is a DPS who is capable of dealing a lot of damage on her own, but can only unleash her true potential by being placed in the right comp. That said, you need a team that can allow him to trigger both the Vaporize (Hydro+Pyro) and Melt (Cryo+Pyro) reactions, which unlike others in the game take on the magnitude of the 'ATK. We recommend the following composition: Hu Tao + Healer/Enabler + Enabler/Sub DPS + Shield Support/Damage. As you can see, it's ideal that you choose characters who can fulfill two roles for each position.

Our top picks on this topic would be Xingqiu, who is able to deal high elemental damage at close intervals while applying Hydro to enemies, Barbara, Qiqi, or Diona, as they provide effective and consistent healing while allowing for reactions, and Zhongli, who can not only protect his teammates, but also deal high Burst damage to enemies. If you're using the Dragon's Bane polearm, we recommend using a vape-focused team that includes both Xingqiu/Mona and Barbara. For a fusion-focused comp, we recommend Qiqi + Sacrificial Sword, or Diona + Sacrificial Bow, + Kaeya. Overall, any character that can activate both Melt and Vaporize frequently can work well.

Genshin Impact is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and mobile devices – Android and iOS.

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