Genshin Impact Tree Locations - How To Get Wood For The Teapot Housing

Know the best tree locations in Genshin Impact will help travelers more efficiently harvest the wood they need for all their new teapot housing furniture. Fortunately, trees are everywhere in Teyvat (at least what we can currently explore), but some places are better for certain trees and woods than others. This guide should save you time, allowing you to clear Genshin Impact in no time for all your teapot housing wood needs!

Genshin Impact Tree Locations

There are seven different trees you need to “chop down” to get wood in Genshin Impact, and some are easier to find than others. To harvest wood from trees, you just need to hit them. They'll shake in place, and after a few solid hits, you'll get three pieces of wood. The tree itself won't actually fall, and you'll need to come back after several minutes if you plan to collect more wood.

The seven trees are: Cuihua, Cedar, Sandbearer, Bamboo, Birch, Fir and Pine. Each offers a different type of wood, so you'll want to review your furniture plans to identify the wood you need. The best tree locations in Genshin Impact for teapot housing wood are:

  • Cuihua Trees: Around Lake Starfell and in the Bishua Plain near Ridge Watch Estate
    • More details here
  • Cèdres: Starfell Valley
    • More details here
  • Sand-bearing trees: Minlin and Dihua Marshes
    • More details here
  • Bamboos: the area around Qingce village (notable the path leading along the coast)
    • More details here
  • Birches: Windwail Highland and around Starfell Valley
    • More details here
  • Sapins: Brightcrown Canyon et Starfell Valley
    • More details here
  • Pines: Dragonspine (notable along paths leading up)
    • More details here

While each tree can be found in other locations, these are the best for fast farming, as they are all close to waypoints and are dense with the trees listed. You can easily create a fast farming route with these tree locations in Genshin Impact, with one exception: Cuihua. Cuihua trees are a bit more difficult to grow because they don't appear in clumps like other trees. However, they are more commonly found in the places listed above: just look for fruit trees.

These are the best tree locations in Genshin Impact to grow wood for furnishing your teapot. Remember that the respawn time on wood is quite fast, so you should be able to get your housing up and running in no time. Well, assuming you don't mind intense grinding. Attack yourself, traveler!

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Mobile.

– This article was last updated on: May 1, 2022

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