Genshin Impact Zhongli Rerun Banner Dates and Featured Characters

Zhongli returns to Genshin impact in his first banner rerun, and travelers are probably eager to bring this Geo Daddy home. (yes, that's his nickname; I don't make the rules). Alongside Zhongli is Genshin Impact's latest 4-star, Yanfei, a legal advisor from Liyue Port. Yanfei is also a catalyst adept capable of setting the world on fire with her Pyro Vision.

The Zhongli “Gentry of Hermitage” Revival Banner in Genshin Impact runs from April 27 to May 18.

le Zhongli The banner relaunch in Genshin Impact will run from April 27 (at least in the US when the servers come back online for version 1.5), until May 18. The Geo Powerhouse will be available until the end of its rerun banner, after which it will cease to be available.

The same cannot be said for the new 4 star yanfei, which is one of the 4 stars featured in the “Gentry of Hermitage” banner replay. Once the banner is complete, it will be added to the standard 'Wanderlust Summon' banner, but this means you'll have a harder time catching it as this banner has a much larger pool of characters to draw.

The other two 4 stars featured in the Zhongli Banner replay at Genshin Impact are dione et Noelle. Both characters are great additions to your roster if you don't already have them, though Noelle is easily dropped from the Newbie Banner, and the upcoming Energy Amplifier Tutorial Event will feature Diona as potential reward.

In short, Diona and Noelle's duplicates are great to have, but you're probably going to be aiming for Zhongli or Yanfei. Zhongli will have the usual 0,6% rate during his respawn banner, although you have a 50/50 shot to catch him on your 90th draw. If you don't get it on the 90 pull, or if you've already cleared your mid-pity, you'll get it on the 180 pull. That is. . . expensive to say the least, so please spend responsibly.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Mobile.

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