Going Medieval Update Patch Notes

Going Medieval Update Patch Notes

Update has arrived for Become medieval, and here is the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

Going Medieval had a good first few weeks with its Early Access receiving over 175 downloads in just a few days. This early access was a pleasant first taste of the game, but of course it can still be improved. Thankfully, some quality of life issues have been resolved and some crashing bugs were fixed late last night by Foxy Voxel, putting the game in a better position to continue delighting its fans and building momentum.

Without further ado, here are all the patches for this version of Going Medieval!

Going Medieval Update Patch Notes


  • Fixed a crash caused when leaving the main menu if the colonist's health starts to deplete
  • Fixed a crash caused by closing the main menu while warning messages appear
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when one of the production buildings was destroyed and the player quickly tried to exit the game. Alternatively, the same would happen if the player somehow managed to select that building. another, once it was destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused doors to appear "open" regardless of the player's chosen state. This should happen much less or not at all
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the roof from being destroyed if that roof was supported by the ground
  • Fixed an issue that caused room detection to not work as intended in some cases - when a player builds one room on top of another and tries to plug a 1×1 hole in the ceiling of a room ( the floor of the other), the room would not be divided into two rooms.
  • Fixed an issue that caused beams to (sometimes) be placed 90 degrees from where they were originally supposed to be
  • Fixed an issue that caused the search panel to not react to the mouse wheel
  • Animal spawn rate received additional rebalancing
  • A minor path finding optimization has been implemented
  • Fixed issue with inability to click menu and game crashing

Moving forward

With each update, Going Medieval gets a little smoother. The game is a good balance between comfortable and stressful with promising things on the horizon. Foxy Voxel's roadmap for the game shows that the team has some interesting environmental, economic, and strategic components coming their way, all of which seem like perfect ways to fill out the currently barebones mid-to-late game and add personality to the game throughout. In particular, players are eagerly awaiting the addition of Settler Social Interactions, the goofy mainstay of its predecessors Rimworld and Dwarf Fortress.

Become medieval is available now in early access for PC, with potential console versions to come.

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